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Mongoose News - Spinward Marches 2: The Lunion Shield Worlds

Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 3:33 pm
by msprange
Continue your exploration of the Spinward Marches with this new guide, written by M J Dougherty, covering the Lunion Shield Worlds. You can grab your own copy here: ... te_id=7242

The ‘Lunion Shield Worlds’ is an unofficial term referring to a group of star systems on the border between the Third Imperium and the Sword Worlds Confederation.

Although they form part of the Spinward Main, these worlds are very much a backwater and frontier. Few major corporations are keen to invest in a region that will surely be a battleground in any future war, leaving opportunities for smaller firms and private operators to move in and take up the slack. The Shield Worlds are a high-risk environment, but risk and reward go hand in hand… at least, sometimes.