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Mongoose News - Pirates of Drinax: Torpol Cluster

Postby msprange » Mon Dec 05, 2016 4:01 pm

The latest entry exploring the Trojan Reach is now available. Written by fan-favourite M J Dougherty, you can grab your own copy here: ... te_id=7242

This mini-series details the worlds of Trojan Reach sector that might be visited during the Pirates of Drinax campaign. The material in this book is set in Sindal Subsector of the Third Imperium universe, but can be easily transplanted to other regions or any game setting that follows the general standards and assumptions of the Third Imperium.

The Torpol Cluster is the name given to three worlds in Tlaiowaha subsector which all lie within jump-1 of one another. Three worlds is a small cluster, but these three are important as they provide a link between the Wildeman Cluster and the Sindalian Main (by way of Marduk), which permits jump-2 traffic to transit from Imperial space to the territory of the Florian League.

Traffic bound for the Aslan Hierate also comes through these systems as an alternative to the Wildeman Cluster/Borderland Cluster transit.

The cluster sees a fair amount of internal trade, with ships plying between ports in the same system or jumping within the cluster. Through trade is extensive, with Torpol acting as a stopover and liberty port for many ships that come through. The cluster might thus offer rich pickings for pirates, though the presence of an Imperial trade route makes this a potentially hazardous undertaking.

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