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Mongoose News - Pirates of Drinax: Theev

Postby msprange » Wed Oct 12, 2016 11:30 am

We have just released a new line for Traveller, covering the Trojan Reach sector and fully integrating into the Pirates of Drinax campaign! The first title covers the pirate world of Theev, and can be found here: ... te_id=7242

The Theev Cluster is notorious as a ‘piracy hotspot’ and has been swept on many occasions by the Imperial Navy. Naval vessels are deployed to the cluster on a not too-infrequent basis; all the while, pirates and smugglers enjoy huge freedoms, subject only to the Pirate Lords of Theev.

This supplement is perfect to flesh out encounters upon Theev in the Pirates of Drinax campaign, or for any Travellers who visit this region of the Trojan Reach. Theev itself is a prime destination for those who have the right contacts for it has that golden pairing - a low Law Level married to a high Tech Level. Anything can be purchased or hired here and visitors are free from restrictions - so long as they do not disrupt the business of the Lords who rule the system.

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