Mongoose News - Referee's Briefing 2: Anomalies and Wonders

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Mongoose News - Referee's Briefing 2: Anomalies and Wonders

Postby msprange » Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:24 pm

The next installment in the new Referee's Briefing series for Traveller has just appeared, with a title guaranteed to excite any explorer - Anomalies and Wonders.

You can grab your own copy here: ... te_id=7242

Much of the time Travellers move from one starport to the next, seeing the shops and the bars and not much else. In between they stare at the same six bulkheads and watch old movies, or sit around in the galley chatting. Some of them have more to talk about than others; tales of adventure and daring that might just possibly be true. And every now and then the conversation turns to the wonders of Charted Space… the amazing places and strange sights that await those who dare to visit them. Some of these anomalies and wonders are mythical, some are known to be real, and some are not quite either of those. Anomalies and
Wonders is a guide to some of those wondrous places. It will give Travellers something to talk about for years to come.

Once in a while a group of Travellers might raise their eyes above the endless cycle of mortgage payments on their ship or out of the murk of the local criminal underworld.

They might see something truly amazing if they do.

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Re: Mongoose News - Referee's Briefing 2: Anomalies and Wonders

Postby alex_greene » Fri Aug 05, 2016 10:32 am

I like this one. This is the sort of thing that Scouts would be assigned to look at.

I remember getting a weird thrill when I first read FASA's old "Fate Of The Sky Raiders" and caught a glimpse of the aliens' massive Jump-capable asteroid base, and sought to capture that feeling when writing "The Thing In The Pit" for Signs & Portents.

I found myself getting that weird thrill from just some of the inexplicable phenomena in this book.
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