Paranoia Kickstarter - Final Week Update

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Paranoia Kickstarter - Final Week Update

Postby msprange » Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:44 am

Greetings, loyal Troubleshooters!

We have just entered the final week of the Paranoia Kickstarter project ( ... ranoia-rpg) and we are all happy with the mandatory excitement levels being attained! We have lots of cool things coming up this week, including a few surprises that we think will make the rebooted Paranoia even better than we had hoped, but first things first...

* New Pledge Levels - Stretch Goals Included
* Playtest Session on Youtube
* New Stretch Goal Alert


New Pledge Levels - Ultraviolet and Ultraviolet Plus
By far the most popular requests we have had are for pledge levels that include everything, so you can pick up the rebooted box set and stretch goals with just one click. The Computer, in its benevolent wisdom, has now released these pledge levels for your security clearance!

Ultraviolet: This pledge level includes all stretch goals from the mutant and secret society expansions, to the GM screen and a brand new, only just announced stretch goal (see below!).

Ultraviolet Plus: The Computer recognises that a mere Ultraviolet level will not be sufficient for maximum bonus fun, and so has given the go head for Ultraviolet Plus - this pledge level includes not only all the stretch goals, but all the other Add-ons as well, including the Internal Security-endorsed Paranoia Marker Pens, blank cards (to create your own equipment, secret societies, mutant powers, and so on), more Computer Dice, and a bonus Player's Guide!

You can check the Pledge Level grid on the Paranoia Kickstarter main page for exactly what is included at each level.

We also reserve the right to add extra goodies to these two pledge levels after the Kickstarter is complete, but this is the minimum you will receive at each Ultraviolet pledge level.

Playtest Session on Youtube
We are hearing rumours that a complete playtest session of the rebooted Paranoia has appeared on something called Youtube. Please bear in mind that these are very much the playtest rules and core mechanics are still being tweaked (more news on that later this week). However, this session (it is quite long, so get comfy!) goes through character creation and a complete mission, and includes commentary on how the playtest rules have evolved and highlights the issues the designers are currently working on.

You can catch the session here -

New Stretch Goal Alert
It is in the nature of Kickstarters for things to get quite crazy in the last few days, so we are posting the next stretch goal early. Early during the Kickstarter, we held a poll on the Mongoose forums for you to choose a classic Paranoia adventure to bring back, fully revised for the rebooted rules - and you chose Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues, a multi-award winning adventure from the Old Days.

If we pass £180,000, Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues will see the light of day in a revised format. However, this is the least that will happen at this stretch goal.

If enough of you go for this adventure (whether including it as an Add-on or as an all-encompassing Ultraviolet pledge), we would very much like to make this a Double Paranoia adventure, by adding yet another classic mission. We don't know which yet, but we think it will be more than a Shadow of its former appearance.

If a truly stonking number of you go for this adventure (and this one is a bit more of a stretch, so really no promises here), we would very much like to add some mission-specific cards to this pack to make the adventure truly memorable. This is just an idea at the moment and we are not sure it is viable, so we cannot promise anything - however, this is very much in the wish list category for us and if, say, a thousand of you choose to include Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues in your pledges, we will go through hell and high water in an attempt to make this happen.

So, that is how things stand right now. We are truly grateful that so many of you (rather more than we expected!) have chosen to back this Kickstarter and all stops are being pulled to make this the next edition of Paranoia of all time - that is our ultimate goal for this project and we Paranoia Overlords Eric Goldberg and Greg Costikyan overwatching everything to help make this happen.

Expect more updates as we barrel towards the end of this Kickstarter, with more news, more previews, and more mandatory fun!
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