Paranoia Miniatures

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Paranoia Miniatures

Postby Zarathud » Wed Oct 29, 2014 5:31 am

Quite a few people have posted on the Kickstarter comments about Paranoia miniatures. Why?

You can run Paranoia with miniatures, mostly to assist the Ultraviolet GM in keeping track of the players during rapid fire play. If any player starts to treat it like a tactical miniatures game, you can really mess with them by moving the figures around every time you receive a note. A Troubleshooter team marching order has never lasted beyond the first distraction, anyway.

I happen to be a forgetful GM, and having a scene set on the table helps me keep control of the game. I also enjoy bringing the players back to the same Crime Scene to see how badly things have turned out since their last visit. I have no idea if the Kickstarter edition will have a more abstracted game play, but I happen to like my narrative tools/toys/crutches/treasonous Old Reckoning material. So here's some ideas on appropriate Paranoia Miniatures that I've used:

The Mongoose Judge Dread line continues to use several Paranoia figures and bots, like Renegade Robots. The Citi-Def are serviceable Troubleshooters and the Punks and Juvies? Definitely Terrorists.
A few people have posted shout outs to the Salvage Crew Kickstarter miniatures. They'll fit the role of Terrorists, Troubleshooters and Internal Security.
The Crossover Miniatures line have some great minions, bad guys and robots.
Reaper has some Bones that serve as Vulture Troopers.
My briefing officers and clerks come from either the old Harlequin Babylon 5 line or the Victory Force SpaceFarers line, which includes casualties.

What other miniatures have people used besides the Official Paranoia line (long may it be remembered)?
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Re: Paranoia Miniatures

Postby Parody » Wed Oct 29, 2014 6:50 am

Quite a few people have posted on the Kickstarter comments about Paranoia miniatures. Why?
Good question! I'm not sure why people have a desire for miniatures for a game that historically hasn't had fiddly movement rules and such. This is Dramatic Tactical Combat, folks! :)

While I have the ones from the 2nd Edition Recycled Pack and sometimes let the players play with them, they don't normally figure into the gameplay in my events. I also have a few of the Grenadier ones and bunch of Mongoose ones, but I'm not a miniatures guy so they're still sitting unassembled and unpainted in their packaging.

What I do like is props. I tend to look for fun and interesting but cheap toys for props, like the generic pirate ship toy (that came with appropriate-sized figs) for a PIR-8 ship fight or some Mechwarrior: Dark Age common clicky figures for large robots. Christmas and the time right after Christmas is a great time to look around and see what you can find.
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