Paranoia Kickstarter - Friday 9:30am

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Paranoia Kickstarter - Friday 9:30am

Postby msprange » Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:36 pm

Here within the bowels of Alpha Complex, every loyal Troubleshooter is on alert.

This Friday (24th), at 9:30am GMT, the Kickstarter project for an entirely new rebooted Paranoia goes live.

Presented in a box set jam-packed full of goodies and penned by a crack team of World Famous Games Designers headed by James Wallis, the new Paranoia offers a thoroughly modern roleplaying experience;

* Streamlined, simple rules with new card play that allows maximum carnage while allowing you to concentrate on the action (and survival).
* A 21st Century approach to Alpha Complex - Commies are still present but terrorists are the greater threat, and the Computer's surveillance capabilities are truly awe-inspiring and extensive.
* The principle designer is James Wallis, the most celebrated designer of story-telling games (the Computer says so), assisted by original designers Eric Goldberg and Greg Costikyan, and Violet-level high Programmers-to-be, Grant Howitt and Paul Dean.

Stay tuned for links to the Kickstarter page as soon as it goes live Friday morning!
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