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PARANOIA A1 Computer is Your Friend FREE on DriveThruFiction

Postby Allen Varney » Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:25 am

Overcoming traitorous sabotage and insidious apathy, I have uploaded the Ultraviolet Books introductory PARANOIA anthology A1 The Computer is Your Friend to DriveThruFiction. It's available FREE as a .ZIP archive containing the book in Kindle, ePub, and .PDF! This marks the first time the A1 anthology has become available in non-Kindle formats. And, to repeat, it's FREE!

The Computer is Your Friend is an all-new 40,000-word anthology that introduces both new and returning citizens to the joys and rigors of PARANOIA. Five light-hearted stories feature backstabbing mutants, misprogrammed robots, and crazed firefights in the food vats. Several of these short, mayhem-filled tales feature characters from the PARANOIA novel line:
  • "Data Exhaust" by Gareth Hanrahan: Watch the head of the Department of Threat Obfuscation (from Reality Optional) try to leave his apartment.
  • "Rule Zero" by Allen Varney: Heroic Troubleshooters seeking a stolen helpbot (from Stay Alert) find the legendary Bot Graveyard.
  • "Hay Fever" by WJ MacGuffin: Efficiency auditor Clarence-Y meets his pet mouse, Ignatius (from Traitor Hangout).
  • Plus "Market Research" and "Action Request" by Greg Ingber, and the history of PARANOIA.
PARANOIA A1 "The Computer is Your Friend" -- free on DriveThruFiction
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