Paranoia-Live Is Down!

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Paranoia-Live Is Down!

Postby Silent » Sun May 02, 2010 6:11 pm

It's been done for quit e along time, possibly due to sabotage.

I really hope it comes back, because I have all my files concerning Anarchist Complex there. :(
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Postby Maxamillion » Mon May 03, 2010 8:24 pm

Yo! Silent - here's where some other oprhans have washed up - and sadly it's not sabotage.
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Postby Pseudonym » Tue May 04, 2010 8:24 am

Oh woe is us, for surely this is the coming of the Great Crash, as predicted in the Book of Digitations!

But fear not, true believers, and have faith in the great Jay Cee, Computer Programmer, and let us usher in a new age, the age of the Great Reboot!

(Seriously though, I'm upset, and I hope they powers that be can figure out how to plug ole back in....)

(I recall when paranoia-live first went down there were some cached pages on the google... But they are gone now... Hopefully they've been cached somewhere else? Can we... Rebuild it?)
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Postby Silent » Wed May 05, 2010 4:09 am

I can't dig up the Anarchist Complex rules, but I found this thread, at least.

Since I don't have time for a "JParanoia Session", and I certaintly can't hope for somebody else to playtest, I'm going to be playtesting the Anarchist Complex setting with a default PARANOIA mission. You have all received 'suggestions' by your Gang leaders to join up with an ad-hoc commission that plans some very fun terrorist attacks.

(EDIT: Since this is a playtest, I would really like experienced people to partake in this, although newbies will also be accepted.)

1) You are allowed to generate your own characters, but if you don't want to, I'll use the random character generator to make one for you. Please use PXP rules when generating your character. You will receive some "Perversity Points" if you use any additional PARANOIA supplements (such as "Criminal Histories"). You must make three different rolls for Secret Societies and Mutations.
2) You are all traitors who dropped out of the system, for whatever reason. 'Offically' you are all RED Troubleshooters, and in Anarachist Complex, you are all "Worms". Clearance is meaningless in Anarachist Complex, but this knowledge will help you in both generating characters as well as in any dealings you have with Alpha Complex. You also start with 1,000 Credits, to be used at the IR Market, and 25 Perversity Points. You do not gain more Perversity Point for every tic you get. You will receive Peversity Points if you write a backstory explaining your character.
3) You start with 1 Status, but can buy more Status at the rate of 5 Perversity per additional Status point, to a max of 4 Status. So 5 for 2 Status, 10 for 3 Status, 15 for 4 Status. This option is only available now.
4) All dicerolling will be done by the GM.
5) Private conservations is allowed, but send me a copy of all messages. You may think you're alone, but you may actually be not.
6) Your Perversity Point total will be constantly available to all, as will your expenditures and gains. However, which way you're using them won't be. For example, if during a firefight, John-R-DOE says to me "I'll use 5 perversity points to increase my shot and 5 to decrease Jane-R-DOE's shot", you'll see he spent 5 on him and 5 on Jane, but won't know for sure which way. Speaking of firefights...
7) When it becomes clear that a combat is about to break out, the Turn posting will indicate this. Your PM to me will give me general guidance for how you want your role in the combat to go (including Perversity points expenditures). I will run the combat myself, using your PMs as guidance, until something significant happens ("significant" being defined by me as something I think you would want to respond to). At that point, I'll post another Turn, and if we're still in combat, we'll repeat the process.

Main Rules:
1) Death Leopard view life as cheap. In Anarchist Complex, doubly so. However, many Death Leopard does view "fame" as an overarching goal to aim for, and so will seek to peserve that fame whenever possible. You may purchase a "Successor" for 1 Status point. After you die, your Successor will inherit all the fame, glory, items, blame for previous treasons, secret society connections, etc. However, your Successor will not inherit all your Status (as some clones will contest the 'succession', or even claim to be the legit 'successor'). Instead, Status will be reduced by the following amount, based on your previous Rank.
-1 Status: Worm
-5 Status: Gang Lieutenant
-15 Status: Gang Leader
-25 Status: Superstar
-55 Status: Celeberity

(I am not comfortable with this rule for now, so I need to think about it for a bit.)

2) Rules for gaining Status via Terrorist Attacks are...well, it's hard to say, really. Lots of rumors floating around.
3) Rank is determined by Status. The more Status you have, the higher your rank:
-"Worm", new canon fooder who usually "volunteer" to join up with a Gang, and help that Gang run its small portion of Anarachist Complex. Usually the first who are 'encouraged' to join up Ad-Hoc Commissions:
0 Status Points
-Gang Lieutenant, in charge of carrying out the will of the Gang Leader and running the Gang while the Gang Leader is "on vacation":
10 Status Points
-Gang Leader, in charge of the Gang:
30 Stauts Points
-Superstar, pretty famous in the Anarchist Complex, usually in charge of rallying mulitple gangs and acting as the intermediaries between the Gang Leaders and the Celeberities:
50 Status Points
-Celeberity, Every Death Leopard admires these famous people. They're the spoiled ULTRAVIOLETs of Anarchist Complex.:
110 Status Points
5) Metal Points are similar to Power Levels and Access. Metal Points represent how effective you are in upholding Death Leopard's idea of fun, violence, and mayhem. Alternatively, it showcase how your insane you are. Either way, they may be effective in boosting your combat skills, and by extension, your survival.

Most likely interested. I don't have access to my PARANOIA book until the 19th, so if need be you can roll up my character.

I'd suggest to try these rules (about cloning): ... 662#138662

(The rules he linked to were having each person start with one life, and then 'acquiring' more lives when he personally recruit other people into his 'agency'. When he dies, he takes control of that next person.)

I think I would like those rules for acquiring Successors (1 Status Point is too cheap), but I don't really know if Status should easily be transferred from one person to another. On one hand, I would want to present a belief that support is not easily transferable, that some people may admire the original person and not his lackey. On the other hand, it's simple from a gameplay prespective and fair to the playerbase.

I lean towards abolishing the Status penalty though, so I'll rewrite the rules to match your suggestion, No.5127.

Looks pretty interesting. I'll join.

I'm glad to see there is interest, but, erm, not sure if there is enough for a playtest. Gah.

Sounds interesting. I'm too busy trying to get my own game up and running to join but I do have a suggestion. You might want to allow other SS infiltrators. Many would have an interest in putting in double agents and Free Enterprise would probably be operating openly swapping food for weapons. The Communists, PURGE, and FD would have an interest in trying to get the DLs to blow up the targets they want blown up. The FCCC-P would try to get some people in so they can rat on them to FC. The Illumanati would certainly be involved as they are with everything else. Int Sec would try to infiltrate for the same reason as the FCCC-P.

Please read and comply with the rules.
The rest of Anarchist Complex is just fluff. The "Complex' is located in the underplex, and fights against Alpha Complex. There is no 'leader', only the mob (and its representatives, the Celeberties) rule.

The Complex's gameplay is divided into three levels: Worms (Troubleshooters), Gangs (IntSec), and Celebrities (UV play). You rise in the ranks based on Status, which acts as a currency that you use to buy everything in AC, and that you gain through Death Leopard stunts and violence. There are four enemies in Anarchist Complex: IntSec Spies, FCCC-P Preachers (who are surprisingly popular; utopia and having no rules whatsoever does give a sort of ennui after a while), Celebrity Groups (who want to impose a sort of 'order' in an anarchist complex), and Secret Society Spies (who want to use the Complex as a means to attack their rival enemies).
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Re: Paranoia-Live Is Down!

Postby Elle-R-KNO » Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:40 pm

Thread Necromancy!

Because I know people are likely to check here for info (and because I have precious few email addressed), as of about 4:30 PM GMT (or "when I got up this morning" my time), I know the following to be true:

Yes, the site is down again.

Yes, I know about it.

No, I can't fix it currently.

Yes, I suspect its the bill needing to be paid. No, we weren't keeping track well enough.

No, having admin-level access to the server doesn't give us access to the purse strings. (When I'm home from work though I will re-examine this. If I can find a way to kick it a few bucks to get it up temporarily, I will. I only had about 5 minutes before work to log into Dreamhost and see what was up.)

Yes, I've emailed Jazzer. Too early to expect a reply yet.

If someone would be willing to throw up a JParanoia server and post the address here in order to have a base for live communication, I'd appreciate it. (I can't punch one through the office firewall...well I could, as I am the IT department here, but I shouldn't.)

Also, if anyone has Phail's email, I'd appreciate if they could let me know what it is (or if you are Phail, email me.) Edit: Taken care of, thanks.

Edit 2 JParanoia server now running - you'll have to manually point the client to . A download for JParanoia is currently residing temporarily at if anyone needs it. I can't promise I'll actually be in there chatting (especially since it will be bedtime soon) but I will see messages eventually.
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Re: Paranoia-Live Is Down!

Postby Elle-R-KNO » Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:14 am

Update: We talked to Dreamhost and they gave us a month of grace period. So the site is back for the time being. We'll be taking updated backups, so if we do go down again we'll at least be mobile. But hopefully it won't come to that.

Further discussion and info will be disseminated on the P-Live forums.
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Re: Paranoia-Live Is Down!

Postby Hutton » Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:22 pm

Paranoia Live appears to be active, but you a new user can't register. There is a thread that says this is because of spam, and new users should email Phail to register; but it has been a few days and I haven't gotten a response.

Could someone tell me if I should contact a different administrator, or just sit tight?
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Re: Paranoia-Live Is Down!

Postby Allen Varney » Sun Apr 28, 2013 2:58 pm

Hutton wrote:Could someone tell me if I should contact a different administrator, or just sit tight?
To my knowledge, Phial is currently the only Paranoia-Live admin. Send me your contact info at allenvarney (at) Gmail and I'll try to draw his attention.

Unfortunately, is currently in deep doldrums with vanishingly low activity. There was an effort last year to revamp the site, but I haven't seen any developments there yet.
-- Allen Varney
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Re: Paranoia-Live Is Down!

Postby Hutton » Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:24 pm

Ok, I will.

(it is just a little surreal that my forum registration issue is being directly addressed by a World Famous Game Designer).

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