Supplementary PDFs for previous edition products?

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Re: Supplementary PDFs for previous edition products?

Postby Elle-R-KNO » Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:38 pm

Hi Kelmon,

I'm the new Tech Services flunkie behind Paranoia-Live; with the blessing of the site owners, we're in the process of rebuilding Our tentative plan is to relaunch the site in May.

Our New! Improved! and expanded download section will include the WMD bonus material.

We don't have any agreement with Mongoose regarding the rest of the prior-edition bonus material, but I for sure would like to. One of the planed improvements in the new site is to be the home for a comprehensive archive of old-edition Paranoia info and material, both historical and Unhistorical. So no promises, but we'll see.

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