Treason Points

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Treason Points

Postby Aahz » Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:35 pm

I know Treason Points were used in previous editions, but I started with Paranoia XP so please excuse my ignorance, or at least answer my questions before terminating me 8)

I noticed in the Gaining Treason Points table that Proof of Mutation Possession and Incontrovertible Proof of Secret Society Membership are only 10 Treason Points each. So a clone accused of being a mutant by another clone *with proof* could only have...
1 (initial) + 2 (being accused of treason) + 10 (proof of mutation possession) = 13 Treason Points

13 Treason Points is not enough to be deemed a traitor, yet I always thought proof of mutation or secret society membership meant the clone would be terminated as a traitor. Period. Was this perception wrong? Am I missing something in the new edition?

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Postby Mongoose Gar » Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:15 pm

Even in Paranoia XP, proof of mutation possession is M3T treason - it was _incontrovertible_ proof that resulted in instant termination. If you want, pencil in 'incontrovertible proof - 20 points' in the Treason tables.

My own feeling is that going straight to Termination makes Mutant Powers and Secret Societies too risky to use. You want players to try using them, not avoiding them out of some misguided attempt at survival. In play, by the time the powers come out, that 10 point shift is normally enough bring a player over the magic 20 anyway...

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