Ebaying some XP-era books...

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Ebaying some XP-era books...

Postby Danforth » Fri Jul 10, 2009 9:19 am

...to help fund my purchase of Black Missions :)

Paranoia books on ebay don't place high, pricewise, so if you were umming and ahhing about dropping by DriveThruRPG and picking up a PDF of Extreme Paranoia / Service, Service! / The Traitor's Manual / the rare recalled double-pack of Sweep of Unhistory & My First Treason, you may well be able to get the sumptuous printed version for less by bidding on my auctions! :)


I am on a bit of a Going Digital kick, as I'm about to move house and am thus really appreciating the concept of digital distribution as I pack Yet Another Massive Box o' Books. Black Missions will of course give me all of the above in PDF form. If you prefer print, these auctions are for you!
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