Things every citizen knows...

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Things every citizen knows...

Postby yossarius » Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:26 pm

I am putting together a handout for new Paranoia players: a list of things their characters would know, mostly because I hate having to pause the action in a game to explain such things. Much of the info on the list will in fact be very common knowledge, though some it will contradictory, other items will simply be wrong, and there just might be some restricted info in each copy (different for each player), though the players won't know that until they blithely repeat it out loud.

Would anyone like to suggest any items (to fit in any category mentioned)?
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Postby Incompleteness » Thu Apr 09, 2009 5:27 pm

Combat: Teela-O-MLY is on the vidscreens all the time, viewers not to spaced out on happy pills should have picked up a thing or two. For example that lasers have replacable barrels, that you're supposed to take cover behind solid objects to avoid getting shot, that grenades have pins and that communists want to blow things up. Vulture Squadron helps her out sometimes and she also interrogates traitors when needed.
Bots: Bots are everywhere in Alpha Complex, clones are surrounded by them since the day they were decanted. The fact that they have replaceable brains and that they think differently then clones should be clear to all. Most would also have seen a bot malfunction weirdly at some point.
Hierarchy: Everyone knows people with higher security clearance are the boss of you, and now that you are Red Clearance you can be the boss of Infrareds. Clones are aware that acting disrespectfully to any Blue clearance clone will get you killed instantly, and that Friend Computer tends to side with higher clearance citizens.
Mutant Powers: Every clone of course has his own mutant power but they may not know exactly how it works. Since other clones keep their powers a secret, information is going to be sketchy at best. Teela-O-MLY's encounters with mutants are misleading propaganda.
Secret Societies Most clones know there are other SS besides their own, but their knowledge will be limited to their interactions with them or what their own SS told them. According to vidshow propaganda all SS members are communists. If a clone works for IntSec he may have a more complete picture.
Outside: Clones are allowed to know Outdoors exists. It has no Friend Computer and is riddled with dangers and communists. Vids sometimes display Vulture Squadron bombing runs on suspected communist hiding places(trees). Knowledge of what an animal or plant is well above security clearance Red. Clones outside for the first time go slightly mad when they notice there's no ceiling.
Service Groups: Junior clones are all educted on what the different Service Groups do in Alpha Complex. When they turn 14 they are all assigned one to work for and they will gather experience with them depending on what they do. Everyone know the hell it is to stand in line at CPU for the right form and everyone has had to go to PLC for one thing or the other.
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Postby Allen Varney » Thu Apr 09, 2009 7:16 pm

The Acceptable Behavior sidebar in the rulebook's Player section offers a decent start, and citizen Incompleteness's list helps.

The out-of-print GM Screen's insert booklet included two one-page player handouts listing rudimentary two-line descriptions of each secret society and each mutant power, which can be assumed to be common Troubleshooter knowledge if not universally known to the populace.

It will probably help your players to have them read, or at least glance through, the "Welcome Lucky Troubleshooter!" brochure near the front of the rulebook.
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