megacon Paranoia LIVE! 2009 (orlando, fl) 2/28

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megacon Paranoia LIVE! 2009 (orlando, fl) 2/28

Postby James-R-BRT-4 » Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:42 am

Greetings Citizens,

I am happy to announce that Paranoia LIVE! is returning to Megacon for 2009!

Megacon is February 27 - March 1, and takes place in Orlando, FL.

With the exception of last yearcycle, we've been running our LARP since 2001. A pretty good run, I would say.

It's a pretty simple homebrew system, and we're built for 100 players this year.

The game is on Saturday, 2/28, from 2pm-6pm. We'll also be runing a Paranoia LIVE! panel on Friday at 4pm, as well as a "Dr. Strangelove" themed Call of Cthulu LARP on Sunday 2pm-6pm.

Our website is not quite built yet, but it should be up soon.

Hope to see you there!

Yours in service to Friend Computer,


Saturday 2/28, 2pm-6p
Main Showroom Floor
$5, Sign up at the Games Registration Booth, 13+ only

It's fiscal budget time in Sector CON! After last yearcycle's budget meeting resulted in casualties numbering in the thousands, Friend Computer has decided it's time to allocate resources to the Service Groups in a new way. How, you ask? By making them fight for their
creds with giant robots! Will the Service Groups get their robots built on time? Will the Troubleshooters be sent scrambling for parts and materials? Wasn't this the plot to Robot Jox? Come for the killing, stay for the Kaiju-style Giant Robot finale!

PARANOIA Live! is the Massively Multiplayer Offline Live Action RPG of a darkly humorous future. In Paranoia, a well meaning but deranged computer protects its citizens in an underground warren from all sorts of real and imagined enemies. The players are part of a team of elite agents, tasked with searching out and destroying these enemies. PARANOIA Live! is based on Mongoose Publishing's PARANOIA. This year, Mongoose has donated nearly $1000 in prize support! Every player will receive a genuine PARANOIA prize! Please visit

Game starts at 2pm SHARP, but all players are advised to show up early. Players wishing to receive 'Officer Training' are advised to show up at 1:30pm, and will receive early rules explanations and extra starting rank or equipment. Players may also attend our Friday panel.
Register at the MegaCon Games Registration Booth, and get there early--this year's game is limited to 100 players!


PARANOIA Live! Panel
Friday, 4pm-5pm
Room 223

Curious about PARANOIA Live? Never played a LARP before? Learn the rules early and have all your questions answered before the game on Saturday! This panel is an opportunity for first time and returning players alike to brush up on our LARP version of Mongoose Publishing's
RPG of a darkly humorous future. PARANOIA is a game of backstabbing, mutants, commie plots, high-powered weapons, clones, and an insane Computer. Players attending this panel will also receive additional starting equipment for their character.


Call of Cthulhu LARP
"Professor Oddlove, Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love the
Great Old Ones"
Sunday, 2pm-6pm
Room 221 E
$3, Sign up at the Games Registration Booth, 13+ only

The President has instituted Defcon 2 and he has gathered together many of the finest minds Washington DC has to offer. US Air Force Brigadier General Jack Springheel has gone rogue with a strategic bomber wing, threatening the world with nuclear annihilation and that's the least of everyone's worries. A newly arisen island in the South Pacific, flying saucer abductions, mass coordinated riots, strange bugs infesting the brains of world leaders... And worst of all, the threat of a mine shaft gap with the Soviets!

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