Question about NODE and Negative Skills

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Question about NODE and Negative Skills

Postby ShadowofLords » Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:44 pm

I'm finding some conflicting entries in the Player's Handbook and the Mission Book for calculating NODE dice numbers. I've seen this happen on purpose elsewhere to mess with the players, with the Gamemaster's Handbook clarifying, but this time it seems curiously absent.

Page 17 of the Player's Handbook states that:
Some things also take dice away, negative skills[...].
However, the Mission Book on page 6 states, on the topic of negative skills:
Ignoring the minus sign, add the Stat + Skill together[...].
The Mission Book also states, on page 14:
[A]dd the two numbers as if they were both positive[...].
Player's handbook always suggests that negative skills are subtracted from the NODE (with a negative NODE then counting all non-successes as failures). Mission book always suggests that negative skills are added to the NODE as if positive (and then the NODE is treated as above with regards to failures).

Was there ever any clarification published on this, or should it be treated like the Gamemaster's Handbook treats armor, where the GM can just change the rule session to session to keep players on their toes?
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Re: Question about NODE and Negative Skills

Postby Shai » Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:18 am

I think that the best answer is:
What would be more fun, in your opinion?
If you want to encourage the players to optimize their actions, go with the former.
Would you like to see spectacular fails (with slight chances of success) then you go with the latter.
If you enjoy the armor rules, then alternate.

Remember that equipment, Moxie and other cards add dice to the NODE. (While Injuries subtract from the NODE.)
So if I have a NODE of -2 and I spend Moxie I get a NODE of -5 (instead of a +1).

I find it simpler to stick to the Mission guide, it also prevents players spamming their best stat.

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