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Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:08 am
by Johnny-B-GUD
Greetings, citizens.
Are you lonely? Are you dangerously close to dropping below the Uh-Oh! line on your social activity monitor?
Fear not, for fear is a sign of lack of trust in your FRIEND- the Computer! And the COMPUTER has provided for you the opportunity to join other loyal citizens in (heavily monitored by IntSec) virtual chat!
You can play Computer-approved R+ (for RED) games, gather with troubleshooters, and even report treason.

The best part? Its free and mandatory! You MUST be thankful to your friend the computer for paying your entrance free, and you had better show it!

Have a nice day citizen
Transmission disconnect

Just click the link that our friend has sent you and the EXECUTED file should take care of the rest! Please report all problems in person to CPU; terms and conditions apply but you arent allowed to see the terms.