Time Is Running Out | Back Acute Paranoia Today!

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Time Is Running Out | Back Acute Paranoia Today!

Postby wjmacguffin » Thu Jun 21, 2018 3:57 pm

The great thing about Kickstarters is they give you fun projects to back. The bad thing? Kickstarters end. If you’re not careful, you could miss out.

It’s been almost one month since Acute Paranoia launched as a Kickstarter campaign. We hit our £20,000 goal on the first day, and that total has grown steadily ever since. Stretch goals were unlocked, and there is now so much Paranoia RPG goodness here that it’s almost overwhelming.

However, this Kickstarter will end in a few days! How much time do you have left to get all that goodness?

FOR UK CITIZENS: The deadline is Sunday, 24/06 at 09:59 London time.
FOR US CITIZENS: The deadline is Sunday, 06/24 at 4:59 AM Eastern/3:59 AM Central.
FOR AUS CITIZENS: The deadline is Sunday, 24/06 at 19:99 Sydney time.

If you live in the States, your last chance to get Acute Paranoia is in the middle of the night/way too early in the morning! (And we know there are great Paranoia fans all over the world! We just cannot refer to every nation or time zone here, sorry!)

What do you get for your pledge? That depends on which pledge level you pick, of course, but the most popular one by far has been the Blue level. Here’s what this pledge gives you:

1. The Troubleshooter Survival Handbook (download a free preview).
2. The Gamemasters Despotic Power Book.
3. Mission Book 2.0 with three original missions.
4. The Acute Deck with 100 new cards.
5. ‘Wipe-clean’ bot character sheets.
6. ‘Wipe-clean’ disorder bingo cards.
7. A deluxe Computer Dice.
8. The Perfectly Safe Gear Deck with 50 new equipment cards.
9. ‘Truth or Dare’, another original mission.
10. The RAM Deck with 50 cards.

And if we get just under £8,000 in new pledges (entirely possible for the last few days of a Kickstarter campaign), your Blue pledge will also give you Teela-O Dice!

Not everyone can afford the Blue level, which is why there are levels Red, Orange, Yellow and Green before reaching Blue. And if you want more for your pledge, there are higher levels as well (including the Violet level which is about halfway sold out). As with all Kickstarters, you decide how much fun stuff you want by picking the level right for you.

Visit the Acute Paranoia Kickstarter page today before time runs out.

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