Acute Paranoia Kickstarter - 10am May 25th

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Acute Paranoia Kickstarter - 10am May 25th

Postby MongooseMatt » Fri May 18, 2018 10:51 am

Greetings, Loyal Citizens!

You will know doubt be ecstatic to learn that the Acute Paranoia Kickstarter begins at 10am (UK time - remember, we are on BST at the moment) on May 25th, giving you an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your loyalty to the Computer and Alpha Complex, and show the terrorists they cannot possibly win!


Acute Paranoia is a brand new box set jam-packed with cool things to do in Paranoia.

Players will find rules for playing bots and old, rickety Troubleshooters, advice for committing treason and not getting caught, fun prescription drugs, and bingo cards for diagnosing teammates with entirely treatable disorders. No medical knowledge necessary!

GMs will find locations to drop into missions, guides to the Underplex and Outdoors, articles and tables to help up your Paranoia game, and three shiny new missions to really rack up the body count. You also get new cards, from Bestiary cards like the Feral Tree to R&D gear such as Hygiene Grenades — all in the Acute Paranoia box set!

Imagine the sheer joy and devilish glee you’ll feel upgrading your Paranoia RPG experience with this new set! Imagine the jealousy and dirty looks from others who never backed this project! Paranoia is now more better. Other games are not more better. Back Acute Paranoia.

From the first day of the Kickstarter, you will be able to download the complete Troubleshooter Survival Handbook for free, so you can begin using Acute Paranoia immediately. We hope you will stick around for the rest of the box set, which will be previewed throughout the Kickstarter process, and help us unlock more brand new products with some really exciting (not to say mandatory) stretch goals.

We hope to see you pledging your loyalty to the Computer next Friday!
Matthew Sprange

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