Paranoia RCE - contradictory NPC damage rules?

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Paranoia RCE - contradictory NPC damage rules?

Postby Seji » Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:54 am


I need some help understanding dealing damage to NPCs.

Player's handbook states that:
"For each extra success you roll – each 5 or 6 that is above the difficulty level set by the GM – you do one level of damage to your target."

While the Mission Book says that:
"When a player rolls to hurt an NPC (or a group of NPCs represented by a single stat-block), they inflict one level of damage if they equal the target’s defence, two if they beat it by two, three if they beat it by three, and so on."

GM book says nothing about the above apart from defence while speaking about armor but apparently in the Mission Book some clones have defence but no armor.

So, let's say there is a traitor that a Troubleshooter wants to shoot at.

Case 1 (Players book): difficulty level is 1. Player needs 2 successes to hit the target and inflict 1 damage. (This is actually backed up with "breaking stuff" rules)

Case 2 (Mission book): traitor's defence is 1. Player needs 1 success to hit the target and inflict 1 damage.

In the Mission Book some targets have defence, others don't. My guess is that damage procedure got changed somehow during production.

Which version of the rules is correct? Maybe I'm missing something and hitting and damaging targets is a separate case from hitting and damaging targets with defence?
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Re: Paranoia RCE - contradictory NPC damage rules?

Postby msprange » Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:40 pm

The official answer is: Either, both, or nothing at all!

Consider this like the armour rules - you can use these methods, or simply choose the result. It is important to remember that Paranoia is not like other RPGs at all,and we absolutely encourage GMs not to slavishly follow the rules all the time. Or at all. Once you move behind the GMs screen, the mechanics become kind of irrelevant (which is why we pushed the functioning of combat onto the players - a Paranoia GM need not engage in anything so mundane). What is key is that the players are having fun.If they are, then no one gives a traitor's left foot whether a given NPC has taken one hit or two.

Let the players run the mechanics, and go with what seems most appropriate/funny. When you are sitting behind the GM screen, any mechanics of the game are absolutely secondary to the mission being played.

I would suggest re-reading the rules on armour in the GMs book (such as they are!) and then apply that thinking to everything you do behind the GMs screen.

That is how we would suggest approaching the mantle of Paranoia GM.
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