Help! Red Clearance sample combat, please!

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Help! Red Clearance sample combat, please!

Postby bigassgeek » Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:59 pm

I'm loving the new edition, but having trouble wrapping my head around combat. I know it's asking a lot, but could someone please write up a sample combat for me so I can see how it works. I get initiative, that much is clear. But I'm still not sure how NPCs interact with characters in ranged combat. More specifically, how do they attack? How do PCs dodge? I mean, they DON'T, but what if they want to, you know, NOT get shot :) Apparently you can dive for cover, but isn't that just dodging in a way?

As you can see, I'm a mess when it comes to figuring this out. I really appreciate all the help anyone can provide!!!

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Help! Red Clearance sample combat, please!

Postby Meldinoor » Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:13 pm

I too would love to see something like this, please :)
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Re: Help! Red Clearance sample combat, please!

Postby allenshock1 » Sun May 06, 2018 3:55 am

Quite frankly this is NEEDED.

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Re: Help! Red Clearance sample combat, please!

Postby wjmacguffin » Tue May 08, 2018 1:02 pm


Acute Paranoia, a new supplement soon to be a Kickstarter campaign, will include a 2-page explanation of the combat system. Until such time as you are loyally able to back this project, here is the requested sample combat. Please note that you have not completed CPU form 4500/12E 'Request to Request Sample Combat' which is required before you submit CPU form 4400/09B 'Request for Sample Combat', which you didn't complete either, seriously why bother with forms if people aren't going to complete them, I mean seriously.

SAMPLE COMBAT: Three players (Mark, Connie, and Helen) are playing three Troubleshooters with the same names.

GM: After searching for the New B3 Flavour sample kiosk, you find it's run by a commie!
MARK: I shoot my laser at his traitorous face.
GM: First comes initiative, which bigassgeek understands so let's skip to the actual combat rolls.
CONNIE: What are you talking about?
GM: Nevermind.
HELEN: I go at 7. I'm going to shoot my needler at the commie.
GM: Your Violence + Guns = 5 plus 1 for the needler (level 1). That means your NODE is 6. Roll 6d6 AND the Computer Dice.
HELEN: Crap, I got no successes!
GM: Right. Normally, I'd let the bad guy do some damage to you with such a horrible roll, but it makes sense that you got the drop on the commie and he's still fumbling for his gun. Next?
CONNIE: That's me! I'm playing the Action card 'A Gun In The Right Place' to use a can of New B3 as a weapon.
GM: That's stretching the definition of 'gun' but it's clever so yes. Roll Violence + Guns.
CONNIE: My NODE is 2, but the Action card makes it 4. Add the Computer Dice and ... well, that sucks. No successes.
GM: You aim the can at the commie and open it, but the B3 comes out so fast it shoots the can back in your face. Take a Hurt.
MARK: My turn! I has a sniper rifle, so I kill that commie bastard!
GM: Slow down, Tex. Your NODE is 2 plus 2 from the gun, so roll 4d6 and the Computer Dice.
MARK: WTF? No successes again?
GM: Geez, you people suck. After getting shot at by a needler and a can of New B3, the commie finally figured out he was under attack. Your shot goes wide right, giving the commie the opening he needed for his RED laser pistol. Take a Hurt.
MARK: But what about my RED jumpsuit? Doesn't it reflect RED laser shots?
GM: Yes, which is why you didn't get Injured and only Hurt.
MARK: But ... I'm already Maimed.
GM: Not anymore. Now, you're just a pile of boots and ash. Teach you to treasonously miss.

There, citizen. Is there a question that was not answered above?

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