computer dice intrusions

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computer dice intrusions

Postby sleepydude » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:04 pm

I'm the first to admit, I'm not exactly too creative in an instant. I kinda dread the computer die coming up more than the players do.

Was wondering if anyone had a big list of potential events, or, if maybe there were cards in the pipeline? Was thinking about making my own deck of potential events, maybe 2 events per card with an either/or, one combat one non-combat
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Re: computer dice intrusions

Postby Shai » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:50 am

With the computer dice, I usually work by these options:
1) If equipment was used equipment malfunctions in a stressful way. (Examples: sizzles, goes bang, no response, disappears or blue screen of death.) The malfunction makes the item unusable.
2) Computer responds to the action that theplayer is doing or the situation that the player is in, by trying to be helpful. With instructional videos (that block the view of the bomb the character is trying to disable), pinging where the character is to surrounding troubleshooters (if he's trying to hide), or censoring the blood and gore (during combat).
3) miscelanious: advertisements, census, random questionings upgrades.
The appendix in the GM's book should have a list. Of stuff to do with the computer dice.
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Re: computer dice intrusions

Postby Zarathud » Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:56 pm

A Computer result is like jerking the wheel when someone else is driving. Try to be memorable, then try for fun, then try to reinforce paranoia.
1) R&D equipment should malfunction or be wildly dangerous on a Computer result. Using an experimental device should produce spectacular results. Paired with a few successes, the device can over-achieve its intended purpose -- a weapon will destroy the target with massive collateral damage (sometimes another clone), other devices can create environmental or other complications for the user. If a player is expecting/hoping to turn their R&D device into a bomb or relying on something spectacular happening, then it should malfunction by doing nothing.
2) Friend Computer being helpful is a go-to with normal actions. Make it funny, and maybe apply twisted logic that doesn't work. "Coretech Popup: I see you are trying to hide from your fellow Troubleshooters! I can help! Broadcast: Hey, citizens! Sneak-Y is absolutely not at this location! [The crates next to the door are now pixellated.]" "You are attempting to disarm a Mark IV Warbot. It's titanium shell is impenetrable to weapons fire. Kung-Fu module downloading...."
3) Think about what the Troubleshooter is trying to do, and have Friend Computer help in some way that makes it more tense/funny. Another standby: "Your shot at the targeting clone should hit, but deviating a millimeter will cause collateral damage to the Hot Fun pipes behind him! Collateral damage is treason!"
4) Friend Computer can cause complications by catching players doing something potentially treasonous. "I see that you are attempting to shoot an innocent citizen! Aim here! Your Treason Rating has increased!" "For sanitary reasons, please do not dispose of clone bodies inside that crate. There's an access hatch to the Food Vats just around the corner." Sometimes the Computer won't say anything, because it's IntSec who just monitored the clone and added +1 Treason Star.
5) After a while, the other players might give helpful suggestions. This is a great solution to get everyone involved, and into the mood of messing with each other.
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