the economics of death

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the economics of death

Postby sleepydude » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:32 pm

So my players are still having a blast, doing a retcon this weekend and making everyone re-roll 'cause we're adding a new person to the group, which is fine 'cause they're running out of clones.

They're used to D&D and being a little attached to their characters, and want to improve them. I'm wondering how to handle the number of deaths appropriately, as they may want to bump stats or their security clearance. Are most printed missions built or planned to be around red clearance? Should I make it easy for them to buy clones, or give them a six pack at the start of each mission, or maybe not kill them so much? Or just make them re-roll when they die, but keep their clearance?

Our first session, we only had a single death in HOY sector, so I'm tossing out treason stars like candy now and certainly expect that person to run out next session.

Should I just feel it out and see how disappointed they are when they die and have to restart? I don't want them to end up disappointed, but I also don't want them to feel like there's no consequences for dying. I think pushing them to buy new clones is appropriate, but then I think it'll be that much harder to advance in clearance if/when there's missions for clearances above red.

So, yeah, any advice on balancing the clone economy?

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