New Player Questions?

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New Player Questions?

Postby wat3rm0le » Thu May 18, 2017 4:16 am

I'm running Paranoia for the first time this Friday with my group. They have all heard of Paranoia but none of us has played it. I've read the Player's Handbook and the Gamemasters Handbook but I didn't have a set answer for a couple of questions one of my players asked me.

1. Can a player kill his own clone for XP points? For example, they have 4 treason stars and instead of letting another player kill them they report to a termination booth. Would clone #2 receive the XP points?

2. How does a player keep the fact that he is a mutant from the other players? I know that I can tell them that some of the mutant cards are blank, but when cards are placed face down during an action, won't it be obvious when something happens? Are players just expected not to metagame or is there some other way of keeping this secret but letting the GM know?

Thanks Friend Computer for your help!
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Re: New Player Questions?

Postby Shai » Thu May 18, 2017 5:35 am

1) If a player gets xp points for going to a termination booth is generally up to you, the GM. In general it's not encouraged, it's an easy escape from a bad situation. I'd give points on cerain conditions, for example if the player does it in an amusing way, or fills out a 10 page form while everyone else is green-lighted to red- light him.

2) In Paranoia the difference between player knowledge and character knowledge is most important (a character using player knowledge would get killed, while a player not using character knowledge will most likely see that character die). The GM should be aware of that and keep the players in line at that aspect (Notice in the players book's example of play, pages 4-6, how many times the GM says "it's dark".) The players should know that player knowledge and character knowledge are two separate things. If they won't, you may use the computer to remind them. For example: if a player reports a character for being a mutant, the Computer will ask for evidence, if the player answers "I can see him using his card" that is a treasonous answer because the character doesn't have a card. Interrogation and violent death ensues. In other words, it's expected from the players to metagame, and it's expected from you to use this to your advantage.
Edit: take into account the bluffing game-players don't know if the other player has any mutant ablility, they just assume he does.
(In previous editions, the players had barely any knowledge about the rules, and talking about the rules was considered treason)

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