Character sheet download, new Paranoia edition?

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Character sheet download, new Paranoia edition?

Postby Muggi » Tue May 02, 2017 6:45 am

Heya folks!

So I'm going to run a game of the new Paranoia tomorrow, and would love some freshly printed character sheets. However, I can't find any link to a pdf of the character sheets anywhere. Is there a downloadable character sheet for the new edition of paranoia?

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Character sheet download, new Paranoia edition?

Postby DeadRed206 » Sun May 28, 2017 9:12 pm

Not sure if you got the files/response or not.

You can DM msprange about getting the PDF off drivethruRPG if you bought the hard copies directly from Mongoose.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Character sheet download, new Paranoia edition?

Postby BanjoFox » Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:01 pm

Hey guys!

I hope that I am not over-stepping my bounds here, but many moons ago I made an interactive character sheet that I wanted to share with you folks.
All of the fields, save for the character picture, can be filled out. I even found a star icon for the treason stars :D

However, it seems as though the "Attachments" tab is looking for "Custom Files" hahah (No PDF).
I suppose that I can post it somewhere else, but I would like it to be officially sanctioned (no treasonous activity here!).

In the mean time please feel free to send a PM and we can work it out :)

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