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The All New Paranoia - on Drivethru!

Posted: Thu Apr 13, 2017 12:52 pm
by msprange

You are a Troubleshooter! Congratulations!

As a Troubleshooter, you are a member of Alpha Complex’s most expendable elite force. Tasked with finding trouble and shooting it, you will be hunting mutants, terrorists, traitors, [CLASSIFIED], secret societies, renegade bots, and DAIVs, which are [REDACTED]. You’ll save Alpha Complex from its greatest threat, unless you accidentally become Alpha Complex’s greatest threat.

All-new mechanics include a simple yet brilliant character-generation system, a bluffing-based card-driven combat system, a special Computer Dice which means even the simplest interaction can become hilariously fatal, in-game XP Point rewards, and more advice to GMs than you can shake a stick at.

Everything is the same but everything is different. And more perfect than ever.

You look worried, citizen. Relax! It’s still Paranoia. The year is still 214. You still have six clones and a laser pistol. The Computer is still your friend.

We have oodles of Paranoia goodies waiting for you on Drivethru right now, from the Red Clearance Edition starter set (begin there), Interactive Screen, and Forms Pack, to Director's Commentaries in mp3 format and the all new mission, Robots of Unusual Size!

You can view all of these items here: ... te_id=7242