Cruisers vs a Single Battleship

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Re: Cruisers vs a Single Battleship

Postby SMQ4 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 1:28 am

I have completed solo playtests of:
DD vs. DD
DD vs. CA and CL
DD Vs. BB BA etc
BA vS. BB and BB Vs. BA
But have not yet used any aircraft carriers and waiting to do subs (submersibles) and aircraft.

Unchanged in my mind is that the probability to hit a small, fast moving, evading, target - say a PT or DD by any gun is small, especially in bad weather. Once hit however its only armor Vs. shell (and sometimes angle). A 15 inch round is usually devastating on a smaller, less armored vessel. Inversely hitting a slower, larger ship is of course not automatic, just better probability, but damage is strictly dependent on location. I feel the rules in their current form do a decent job of approaching and approximating this with small exceptions. This is always the case with Gaussian curves - that the extremes tend to be distortions of reality. Evaluating this in solo games was easy. Next week we will begin a group play test (again no submersibles or aircraft) to reevaluate the abouve conditions and will report back with the results and comments. After individual ship types we will be doing a convoy to Malta scenario (Royal Navy Vs. Regia Marina) in the Second Battle of Sirte. If weather is not accounted for this could be/should be a slight mismatch. We will play test it at least three times. Hope to report then.

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