Satellat rules question

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Satellat rules question

Postby muzfish4 » Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:07 am

I played a game last night pitting the heroic liberators of East Meg One against the vile oppressor of the so-called Justice Department. In the course of the game a couple of questions arose about satellats, I’m looking for correction or confirmation that we played this correctly.

Firstly, the Senior East Meg judge the satellat was attached to was tragically killed. As such, we ruled that the satellat could no longer fire or move. It was, in effect, a ‘lame duck’ without its master.

Secondly, we ruled that for the purposes of losses triggering a will check, the satellat was a piece of equipment, not a model. As such, it would not be included in either the total of models in the East Meg force or, if it was destroyed, in the total losses incurred by the East Meg force.

Did we play the satellat correctly?

Thanks for your answers.

BTW, The Justice department secured a pretty handy victory .

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Re: Satellat rules question

Postby chaoschild » Sat Nov 22, 2014 10:20 pm

Almost right on the first bit. A satellat takes its actions at the same time as its owner, so if the owner is eliminated then the satellat cannot take any further actions. However it still automatically goes onto alert status every turn so it can still make reactions (an unlimited number since it won't have taken any actions during the turn).

A satellat is still a model, even if it is bought as equipment. Thst means it counts towards losses as normal. The same applies to robodogs, if it didn't you could have a robot force containing some robodogs that count and others that don't (which would be damned confusing).

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