500 pt game

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500 pt game

Postby osovchinnikov » Sun Mar 30, 2014 6:05 am

Played a game with a friend who has not played in more then a year so we decided to play a low point cost game.

The scenario that was rolled was towering inferno, asteroid fields where rolled for and placed randomly

Here is the game table at start with deployment areas market

The two fleets are hawkwood and li halan(me)

Hawkwood fleet

Li halan fleet

Both of us deploy as single distroyer as our starting models. On first turn he rolls on his observer.

First turn he tried to get in close while I tyr to get into a near by asteroid field for stealth bonus.

Second turn he rolls on a frigate and things continues the same way here is movement at end of second turn.
I get a shot off at frigate and do some damage he misses thanks to stealth roll.

Third turn he rolls on second frigate and all powers to engines to catch me I do a come about inorder to try to escape from him


Turn four I get conered and have to take a bad engagement but his good reinforcement rolls are complimented by bad attack rolls I manage to live through this all out attack and a cripple frigate


Manage to get a frigate on the table but realize my destroyer is not long for this world so give all power to engines order and head straight for asteroid field right next his observer make a run for light asteroid field with my frigate.

Destroyer entering asteroid field

My destroyer blows up crippling observer, my frigate cripples second enemy frigate.

Turn 5 I run though Asteroid field and he chases with destroyer, then moves observer into asteroid field. I miss shooting at observer thanks to stealth.


Turn 6 still unable to bring my second destroyer onto board I run my frigate of board to not give him victory points.


The next 6 turns see me unable to bring my last destroyer onto board so in the end

1 destroyer - dead
1 destroyer -never on table
1 frigate - ran of table

2 frigates - crippled
1 observer - crippled
1 destroyer - full health

Final thoughts

Li halan does not do well in low point cost games with out ability to concentrate long range firepower from multiple ships it can't deal with the shield of similar class ships, (why no one I know likes playing them) this made me have to run around with my tail between my legs from his destroyer, until I could get my second on the field which never happened. Keep thinking this scenario type needs a boost to bring ship on to board as turns progress something like a +(turn number/2) to dice rolls for ship entering board. Other wise can get very one sided fast.

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