Rules Questions (Mostly about Blood on the Streets)

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Rules Questions (Mostly about Blood on the Streets)

Postby Steel Rabbit » Mon Mar 10, 2014 8:49 pm

Hey all!

My group just had our first day of playing our Blood on the Streets campaign. There were about twelve people that showed up, so it was pretty exciting. However some questions came up (naturally). I posted these to the Warlord Games forum, but I thought I'd cross-post it here to increase the chances of getting an answer. Here we go:

1) During the campaign does your Rep change when new members come in, go out, or level up? For instance, I began with Rep 6, then I lost a game (-1) and a Minion (-1), then I hired a level 1 hero (+2), and another hero of mine went up to level 2 (+1). Does my rep become 7 for next game?

2) We're playing the Blood on the Streets (BotS) campaign. Which method of generating income do we use? Do we just use the territory rules for the BotS campaign for generating income or do we use the method from the Campaign Rules section, earlier in the book, as well (30% income for the winners; 25% income for the losers), or do we use both?

3) We're also unclear on when and where the critical hits and failures rules come in to play. I know Critical Hits for shooting and Melee do double damage, but does rolling a "10" to hit with a shooting or melee attack automatically hit as well (thus disregarding an agility test)?

I guess what I'm asking with question 3 is: What are Tests and what are Checks in the game? Last night we played with all die rolls of "10" being automatic successes (including double damage for attacks) and all die rolls of "1" being automatic failures.

4) It says in the experience rules that Characteristics cannot increase greater than three higher than a model's starting Characteristic. Does this include Hits and Psi? I ask because it seems that almost every level increases a model's Hits.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this, and get back to me!

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