Reputation - clarification

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Reputation - clarification

Postby Curufea » Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:02 am

Just pointing out in the miniatures rulebook on page 172 under "REP" you've got:
This is reflected by players finding it easier to recruit more specialised force members and gaining access to better equipment on the black market.
Which is fluff for "If you're not a good player, you get more credits to spend" but it infers there are additonal rules (e.g. "more specialised" and "gain access"). The Rep rules are a mechanic to balance resources between successful and unsuccessful/new players. They're not (in my opinion) meant to reward successful players who have the highest Reps.

Possibly it could read:
A good reputation is a mark of success, but also attracts the attention of forces with weaker reputations. This is reflected in the game by players finding it easier to recruit more force members and obtain more equipment on the black market because of the additional respect they earn from their territories. During the income phase of the campaign, territories give more credits to players whose forces have recently fought against opponents with greater reputations than theirs.
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