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** New Mongoose Event Calendar Forum **

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 1:19 am
by MongooseInfantryHQ
Greetings Ladies, Gents, and trans-dimentional beings everywhere.

For the past year the Mongoose Infantry has utilized a forum area for announcing all events run by our troopers. Until now it was visible only to members of the MI.

As of today, August 27th 2013, this area has been renamed "Mongoose Events" and relocated to the "Mongoose News and Views" section of the forums..

All events by troopers, both Demo and Tournament events will be posted here along with any cons and events MGP will have an official presence at.

This change greatly increases visibility of both all MI events and the newly revised program.

Al Beddow
Coordinator Mongoose Infantry Event Operations
Member Mongoose Infantry since 2003
mongooseinfantry {at} mongoosepublishing {dot} com