Worst ship?

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Re: Worst ship?

Postby Myrm » Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:23 pm

Gorgo wrote:Myrm,
I couldn't be more in disagreement with you. In SFB for example, the war eagle, flat out, uncloaked, no power to weapons could make 2/3 the speed of any other warship in the game following the same actions. Conversely, it was an extremely capable cloaking opponent.
*ahem* I just made a big cockup - I was looking at the wrong SSD and mixing two ships in the two systems up in my brain and writing too fast. Needless to say my previous comments were not my finest work (to whit a steaming pile of horse manure) :oops: Whoops, mea culpa.

Looking back properly this time....and with a healthy coffee infusion

1) I agree on slow looking at it, actually it seems it should be there all the time regardless of the underpowered idea....the numbers work.
2) I feel there should be a bit more penalty when firing, it does suck power, despite that impulse rack and the batteries - the power cycle is only 2 turns in ACTA which tweaks things a little. Power Drain still leaps to mind - take the 6" move penalty seems about right as you will slow some to do all this and this then means if you do any special order that would be power hungry you focus down to the R only. Currently thats what the ruleset results in - so it matches quite well - again there are assumptions that thats what people will be/are doing but thats the nature of the translation to a KISS game.
The "R" torp is a lovely piece of hardware but frankly it's easier to deal with then a pair of "S" torps and doesn't have the arcs available to it.
One of the problems with this is one point I think I listed in this thread - ACTA is a fleet game and looking at a ship, or indeed single weapon system on its own can cause problems and this is one area. Defensive fire is very boom/bust against plasma. A single R IS fairly easy to stop. That R fired once the defensive fire is stripped, or with other threats around, is a LOT of impact in one single volley. Fleet context does alter how you view a ship, if it fits into a role.

If you stuck slow on it, so it could never keep up with the fleet then we go back much more to your point as at that point it is much more likely to be caught on its own away from the fleet and its weaknesses show.....
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Re: Worst ship?

Postby Gorgo » Tue Jan 15, 2013 7:09 pm


Thank you for your input. I'm not looking for an argument. Just presenting my opinion of the worst ship out there as it stands in the rule book.

I don't feel there should be a penalty to the WE. Its fire power is fine as is.
An example i would site is the Romulan KE. One "R", two "F" torps, same phaser power and hull. Excellent 30 pt shields and a command rating. All for the low (and fair) price of 175 pts. No penalty.

As I understand Underpowered, the WE may not fire any phasers and "R" torp on the same turn. In addition it may not move more than 6 inches if it opts to fire the "R" at all. Wonderful when coming out of cloak, except for the phaser thing.

To my mind removing the ability to defend (or attack) with those phasers is punitive. The "R" averages 24 or 25 per hit with a variation of about 5 above or below the average most of the time. Any CA or BC shield will stop it. Two phasers fired defensively will degrade its performance significantly.

None of my opponents will fly it. They all have figs for it.. beautifully painted figs. But they never get table time.

Alas, I lament the exclusion of the WE from the game.

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Re: Worst ship?

Postby Keeper Nilbog » Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:29 pm

With the introduction of Escorts and Phaser-G, most Plasma armed ships just stopped being useful - sorry to go off on this again, but now a Ph-G will likely stop an 'S-Type' almost flat out (4 shots at 3+, so 2-3hits off the torp - so unless fired at under 8" :oops: ).
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Re: Worst ship?

Postby McKinstry » Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:59 pm

I just glanced at the new update but at least the plasma races now stand a chance against drone heavy fleets. They will need a ton of plasma to get through a defensive screen but at least they are not sitting ducks when reloading.

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