BattleField Evolution we want the models you made!

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BattleField Evolution we want the models you made!

Postby PLA_man » Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:34 pm

Does anyone agree with me that battlefield evolution modern combat is one of the most fun wargames ever and that Mongoose should support what limited model range they did make along with the core rule book.

I think that this game is so accessible and fun so why dump fans from the game by not giving them a chance to bolster or at least create the core of there army with your own range of models you did make? For instance I have a large PLA force and I need the WZ-551 model you made. Actually I need 15 of them for all my troops but finding them in the right scale no chance plus the cost would be through the roof just for a couple of them and then there is the time to paint and make them up. Well you get my point stick with where you got up to at least.

What do people think?
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Re: BattleField Evolution we want the models you made!

Postby Arch Lector Petrovski » Sat Apr 21, 2012 1:55 pm

It's a good system and plays well and some form of official model would have been nice. The design ethic from what I understand was that they wanted players to be able to pick up what models they could from wherever they could. This worked well within the initial system; WWII, as there were plenty of manufacturers, in varying scales for varying prices (I have three WWII armies in 1/72 from various hobby suppliests). However, the range of modern miniatures is considerably less wide ranging amongst model makers; especially when it comes to troops or more recent productions of non-Western nations. Personally I'd love to finish putting together my modern Russian forces (but can't find a decent supplier of soldiers) or my British army (but am struggling to find one or two things and will probably end up having to make my own, not easy in 1/72).

I think now it might be too late to produce their own model range for the full set (all the armies of modern and WWII) unless they were to re-do the rules as they are doing with Victory at Sea, which seems rather unlikely.

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