[House Rules] A drone nerf and some cloaking changes.

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Re: [House Rules] A drone nerf and some cloaking changes.

Postby Target » Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:47 am

Only if they win initiative and there probably another ship that can target or you get another to target. It's a fleet game
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Re: [House Rules] A drone nerf and some cloaking changes.

Postby gord314 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:15 am

From my experience (about 3 games a week against the Romulans, 1 a week against the Klingons, but only two total opponents, so maybe we are missing something important) it is not very difficult to avoid most of the Romulan fleet with the majority of my own fleet. The Romulans will be able to get shots off with some of their ships, but from my experience, if the Romulan fleet splits their torpedo shots over 2 turns they are at a severe disadvantage. We have spent a lot of time discussing strategies and play testing different options, that is what has led us to the ever evolving house rules document I linked in the post.
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Re: [House Rules] A drone nerf and some cloaking changes.

Postby McKinstry » Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:49 am

We've only had one Fed v Romulan game but the Romulans never, not once, got within 8" of a Federation ship. Moving 6" when the other can can move 12" and doesn't want you close and with only 'fleets' of 8-10 ships per side on a 4x6 table with a game consisting of 8 turns, it was painfully easy to avoid giving cloaked Romulans a chance to decloak and get with the 8" effective zone for plasma weapons.
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Re: [House Rules] A drone nerf and some cloaking changes.

Postby Rambler » Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:09 am

Okay been thinking about this I am not sure drones are broken but if you are just looking for away to mitigate long range drone fire I have a possible Special Action people could play with.

"Ready Transporter Bombs" Crew Check: Auto. Power Drain: No.

Starships carry small explosive devices that though not a threat to other starship they can be extremly effective stopping drones and shuttlecraft. When using Transporter Bombs a starship gain a Antidrone Trait equal to the number of Transporters the ship has. In order for the Transporter Bomb to be used the defending unit must drop its shield in the 90* arc that the drones or suicide shuttle are coming from. For each Transporter used to deploy a Transporter Bomb the Antidrone Trait is reduced by one.

If someone use this Special Action it has Pros and Cons. Pro it adds another set of AntiDrones Traits for defence. Con you have to drop a shield to use it. At long Range this will not be problem because an enemy can not fire through your down shield. If you use this at closer ranges you line a boundry shield line up, defender choose which shield return fire will strike. But in a Fleet enviroment it is likely that some will be in a position to fire through your downed shield.
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