More 1/50 scale WWII vehicles

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More 1/50 scale WWII vehicles

Postby Lane Shutt » Sun Nov 08, 2009 2:51 am

Spent the day at a local gaming con and found a new source for WWII Armor.

Precision Model Designs is expanding their vehicle line and has US, Russian and German tanks in 1/50 scale. These are multi-part (6-8 piece) resin kits and quality is fair, no bubbles in critical areas and no warping in the sets I saw. Owner says they plan on accurate kits for each major variant. Also available are accessory sets for many of the tanks. US & German commander figures, US .50 cal .30 cal and MG42 packs,Fuel tank and stowage sets, US Sherman D-Day amphib conversion. They also have a very nice line of resin buildings.

Company site
Sales site ... &Submit=Go

The owner says they should have sites updated with new products in a couple weeks. I will also try to update this post with pics from the con.

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