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Postby CaseyGMU » Thu Aug 16, 2007 6:47 pm

From watching lots of war movies, which is honestly where most of my wargame logic comes from, it also makes a bit of sense to me that snipers should also add some more to suppression.

Maybe using TOS's recommendation and also having a snipers suppression die carry over for the entire turn so that if he shoots at a unit of 8 and causes one die of suppression that the unit would then be considered to have one die of suppression for every other shooting atack made against it this turn?

I just remember in a lot of movies people yelling "SNIPER!" and trying to find cover as quickly as possible.
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Postby retaf33c » Thu Aug 16, 2007 7:26 pm

The Old Soldier wrote:
BodyGuard: If the Revered Leader is targeted to be removed, one of the other models in the unit can take his place for removal within 2". Defending players choice. If the Revered Leader is targeted to be removed by a sniper, one of the other models in the unit can take his place for removal within 2". Firing Players choice (LOS still applies).
Personally, I like the rule; isn't protecting the leader the primary role of a bodyguard, self sacrafice. None of the other leaders have a designated bodyguard so no problem treating the Revered Leader differently.

I think that nerfing his ability to give a third action to anyone and restricting it to the unit he joins is an appropriate trade off. I plan to play test it as suggested.

An alternative for those of you that don't like the rule would be when the RL comes under fire from a sniper, give the bodyguard a 50/50 chance with a 4+ look out sir type roll.
If successful, the bodyguard dies, otherwise remove the RL.

I'm also thinking of adding a rule that when the RL dies, all units become immune to suppression for a full turn or two. Again I see this as in flavor but not over powerful since some units will already ignore suppression.

Finally, I asked for a suggestion for the Revered Leader's card and TOS gave me one. For that I thank you.

For those that seem to take exception to his proposed rules, I would encourage you to post your version as an alternative.
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Postby The Old Soldier » Thu Aug 16, 2007 7:37 pm

Thank you, Retaf33c. Try that and if you think it too much try the second version that has the bodyguard stop the kill of the mullah by the sniper on by D6 roll. On a 1 or a 2 the shot get to the Mullah.

Not as strong but still effective most of the time.
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Postby Xorrandor » Thu Aug 16, 2007 7:42 pm

The Old Soldier wrote:Rule Number one in designing games. NEVER let facts destroy gameplay. The advantages of other command units is the fact they can hide, stay well out of the range of combat and keep giving that extra order. You could make the RL the same, but then you lose the flavor of the model. Rule #4 flavor it to make it stand out.
Fair enough. I would just use the PLA stats and go from there; I'm not sure why the RL model needs flavor where say the USMC one doesn't.

And I'm not sure sniper immunity would be enough to make me take him: the inability to grant extra actions to tanks or even technicals seems like a pretty big downside. Perhaps throwing in the extra "all militia units are immune to supression for a turn when RL dies" would work, though. Maybe even add "immune to out of command costs for that turn, as long as they are attacking or moving closer to the enemy". That way you may even be able to drop the sniper immunity, since sniping the RL is going to release all sorts of havoc if you don't thin out his followers first.
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Postby The Old Soldier » Thu Aug 16, 2007 10:32 pm

He is strictly a Militia Leader. Not a commander of government style troops. I would use as you suggested the PLA card for Government Platoons which would include armor.

I have presently a Government Platoon of light Infantry, a Tank Platoon to back them up, a Command section, a platoon of BTRs, a scout BRDM, and will be adding Anti-Air assets, and some special force types for them in the future. That is 1875pts not counting the future projects and upgrades. I could make another command section for the governent forces along with some mech troops for the BTRs.

I also have the presently a MEA militia force. 6 large 12 squads, or I can break them down to smaller ones if I want. 8 technical transports, 2 anti air trucks, 4 snipers, 2 very obsolete tanks, and the Grand Mullah himself.
That is 2,020pts of militia If I use them all!! I'm considering selling off some of my excess militia and trim them back to a maximum of 4 units of 12!
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Postby Paladin » Wed Sep 05, 2007 2:15 am

Mongoose Steele wrote:
Well, it would be nice to hear a mongoose person tell us something, even something that is not very useful.
Well, I just cleaned out the cages for my hedgehog and degu. That is likely not to be very useful. :)

Seriously though, if I can get some extra decent info for you guys, I'll try.


I'm guessing no news or a NDA. ;)

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