Looking for Kits

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Looking for Kits

Postby Ben2 » Wed Nov 01, 2006 5:00 pm

I'm looking for model kits to use with the BF:Evo rules. Admittedly I am looking for Star Wars kits, but my heart is in the right place. Does anyone know of kits for, or lookalikes for the following in 25-32 mm scale:

AT-TE (the galactic fleet one is 15mm scale)
Republic gunship (there is a diecast one in about 10mm scale)
Republic juggernaut tank
Republic Grav tank from battlefront

CIS Geonosian fighter
CIS Droid bomber

Rebel grav tank (from battlefront, though general blocky grav tanks would probably do well).

Imperial Chariot Command Speeder
Imperial Scimitar Assault bomber
Imperial IFT-X tank (from battlefront games)

Anything that looks like the tower guns from the battle for Hoth.
Anything that looks like a sci-fi AA battery (currently considering Mongoose weapons platforms).

I already have a ton of the Wizards stuff for the prequel era, though I am looking hard for competitively priced stormtroopers and rebel forces if anyone has spares.

Any leads appreciated, and I may release a playtested set of Star Wars lists when BF:Evo has been out a month or two. And I have made the lists into a nice looking PDF.
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