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Postby BuShips » Thu Sep 21, 2006 10:51 pm

ScipioAmericanus wrote:
Gauntlet- wrote:ScipioAmericanus

-i agree thats an awful picture (regardless of why its awful casting or knife, its awful and should not make it through marketing)

Lt. R

-You are acting far too much like a fanboy and reading too much into what people say


neither of you should bring up qualifications for identifying miscasts, because we are speaking through the internet and cannot verrify any supposed experience. You could cite sources that would be valid, but just because I say I was an astronaut doesn't make me one (even I really was)

Now Buships there is a class act

stay cool 8) everybody
Well said, Gauntlet! I ECHO your comment about BuShips, and your other ones as well!

@Rooster: Again, thanks for posting a thread that said I was missed. I guess I'm not ALL bad. :lol:

@Quark: Thanks for the props bro!

@Gauntlet: Well, maybe now I can finally get an answer to a question that has troubled me for decades, indeed, ever since I became aware of the space program: how do you astronauts go poopy and what happens to it? Do you just carry it around in your suits until you land? Is that why all the pics of the Apollo astronauts in their space suits look like they've got big a$$es? :lol:

Well said.

Well Scipio, that might just explain why NASA said not to worry about the "UFOs" that were interestingly orbiting alongside the Shuttle the other day :lol: . They might have found out finally that one of the astronauts didn't properly dispose of a certain "package" before they landed. :wink:

And will you and Gauntlet stop that stuff :oops: or I'll have to start denying that I've stolen both of your logon passwords... :shock:
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Postby Gauntlet- » Sun Sep 24, 2006 6:53 am

well you basically can go number 1 in the suit with a front 'collection pouch' number 2 im told (i hold it for the whole mission man) you have to go into a baggy

it all gets flushed into vaccuum or at least it used to, now they might stow it for earthly burial
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Heres my Bugs and MI!

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Postby knuckles » Wed Oct 18, 2006 7:16 am

ScipioAmericanus wrote:
knuckles wrote:Hey Scip, any tuna where you are?
Hi knuckles!!!!

Just one. Her name is Doris, she's about 60, and she wears too much make-up, smokes too much, and insists on wearing spandex.

What really creeps me out is that she insists on calling me "Honey" in that raspy cigarette voice. She really would be better off pulling nickle slots in Atlantic City with her fins...

I'll give her your addy. :lol:

Hey thanks for that, line liners have pulled all the available ones around here so anything would be nice.
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