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ACTA Babylon 5 - 3rd ed ish

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:24 pm
by Mr Morden
Still messing about with these rules - seldom get to play these days but is anyone still interested

Was working on pts system, ship upgrades (captains, refits etc) and fleet list variations - eg hving different eras for races other than Humans.

Eg: Dilagr War era Centauri, Narn etc based on my Dilgar war pack.
Darkness Rising lists.

let me know if any interest. :)

Re: ACTA Babylon 5 - 3rd ed ish

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:14 pm
by Mr Morden
So this is the sort of thing I am working on

Fleet Lists
Each player has a specific budget to spend on his fleet and must obey the following fleet composition rules unless the scenario states otherwise or both players agree:
* You may have up to one ship for every 25pts (rounding down) of your fleet budget, you may have less ships but not more.
* You may not have more independent Fighter Wings than Ships
* You may have up to one Rare trait ship per full 300pts of your fleet budget.
* You may have one Special trait Ship per full 150 pts of your fleet budget.
* One ship in your fleet with the Command trait may have an Admiral aboard at the cost of 5pts. This Admiral may be substituted for any of the Unique characters who are listed as alternatives in the fleet list. The Admiral must have one and may have up to four “Admiral” special abilities chosen from the following list at the cost in brackets:
Analytical Mastermind (+15pts), Defensive Skill (+5pts), Engineering Genius (+10pts), Inspirational Leader (+10pts), Inspired Command (+25), Instil Fervour (+5pts), Legendary Tactician (+10pts), Linked Targeting (+10pts), Lucky (+10pts), Master of Deception (+10pts), Meticulous Planner (+10pts), Operational Control (+5pts), Revered Leader (+5pts), The Master Plan (+5pts), Top Gun (+15pts),

* One other ship in your fleet may have a Veteran Captain aboard – they may have a single special ability chosen from the following list at the cost in brackets:
Analytical Mastermind (15pts), Defensive Skill (5pts), Engineering Genius (10pts), Inspirational Leader (10pts), Legendary Tactician (10pts), Master of Deception (10pts), Master Plan(5pts), Top Gun(15pts),

Centauri Republic – Fading Glory
(Early Years era)

By 2230, The Centauri Republic was in turmoil – Emperor Deraini had just died, perhaps through poison. The “Great Game” of politics and intrigue was at its height as the Noble Houses attempted to establish a pecking order. The Narn were growing in power, watching their ancient oppressors with barely concealed fury for signs of weakness. The Gorash Star System was, once again, to be a flashpoint between the two races. The Centauri fleet of this period used far less of the then unreliable battle lasers and retained much more confidence in the sheer weight of conventional firepower that they could bring to bear on an enemy. Captains of larger ships such as the Primus or even the gigantic Octurion were able to treat themselves as mobile fortresses. With heavy weaponry on all sides, and defensive turrets and fighters ready, these metal giants could sail carelessly into the centre of an engagement drawing fire away from the more fragile hunting ‘flight packs’ circling the outer edges of a conflict.

Fighters like the Razik and the newer Sentri were rarely used to attack enemy vessels due to their lack of punch, but rather dealt with enemy attack craft. Great dogfighters, supremely agile in the hands of the right pilot, they were fragile and could not withstand much damage. Clouds of Sentris could theoretically hinder larger vessels, but most Centauri pilots were more interested in duelling with their opposite numbers than making suicidal charges at capital ships.

When the Dilgar began their invasion of the League, the Centauri Republic was already embroiled in a growing conflict with the Narn. Unbeknownst to them this was part of a plot by the Dilgar, who with the co-operation of elements of the Kha’Ri looked to divert any attention from their invasion. This was more a final safeguard than anything else as the Dilgar were well aware that that the Centauri were very unlikely to provide any assistance to either their former slave races or those that had successfully resisted them in the past.

Type (ISD) Base Points Notes and Options
Breaching Pod Wing (2157+) 10pts) for 4 flights
Haven-class patrol boat (2150+) (10pts)
Kutai-class gunboat (2134+) 15pts
Razik Wing (2105+) 15pts for 4 flights
Sentri Wing (2202+) 15pts for 4 flights

Corvan-class scout (2191+) 30pts, Special
Morgrath-class frigate (2145+) 30pts Rare
Maximus-class frigate (2195+) 35pts
Maximus-class system defender (2150+) 35pts Special
Vorchan-class warship (2160+) 40pts Interceptors 1 (10pts)
Virlisi Logistics Ship (2202+) 40pts
Altarian-class destroyer (2150+) 45pts Command +1 (15pts)
Demos-class warship (2220+) 45pts

Centurion-class attack cruiser (2202+) 50pts
Magnus-class destroyer (2208+) 50pts
Sulust-class escort destroyer (2218+) 50pts
Talara Class Conquest Cruiser (2112+) 50pts Special

Lions Lair, Royal Liner (2202+) 75pts Unique
Balvarin-class carrier (2237+) 80pts Special,
Taldaria Class Explorer (2195+) 75pts Rare
Secundus-class battlecruiser (2248+) 85pts Command +1 (15pts), Interceptors 1 (10pts), Special
Primus-class battlecruiser, (2195+) 90pts Command +1 (15pts), Interceptors 1 (10pts)
Dargan-class attack cruiser (2228+) 100pts Special
Pride of Immolan (2205+) 100pts Unique

Octurion-class battleship (2202+) 140pts Interceptors 1-2 (10-20pts) Special

Re: ACTA Babylon 5 - 3rd ed ish

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 2:41 am
by zap123
We're still playing a mega battle about once a quarter. Even had some new people buying fleets in the last year or two. This is still the best large scale space combat system I've used. I'd be interested in a points system as the priority level is still something players struggle with.

Re: ACTA Babylon 5 - 3rd ed ish

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:37 pm
by Mr Morden
Cool - not getting the chance to play games at the moment.

I'll polish up the stuff and see what you think.