BF:E Errata

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BF:E Errata

Postby DrUnK3n_PaNdA » Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:16 pm

Since the game is no longer supported, I'm curious if any players would like to get together to make a semi-official errata. I'm just getting my friend into the game and I'm returning to some of the old problems I have with the game and specifically the army lists. Some point values seem to high, some seem too low... The US Army can take squads of a single Sergeant for -20 points and it's really difficult to make a realistic force in some cases! Just try fitting a realistic Stryker platoon into a 2k point game!

I'd be happy to organize something if other people would like to put in their input.

For me, my personal wishlist is:
More realistic force selection
Better (i.e. not a waste of points) artillery
Amended options for US Army Rifle Squads to not allow a negative point value
Stingers and TOWs having the one-shot trait removed (TOW-carrier HMMWVs carry six. Stinger teams carry additional missiles as well)
Shoulder-fired anti-aircraft option for Russia and some others
Shoulder-fired anti-aircraft being able to be combined into a single choice like Talon teams. Stinger teams usually operate in units of 2 teams.
Support for air-mobile infantry platoons
Command Vehicles for armored squadrons
US Weapons Squads limited to one per two Rifle Squads as per all other fire support squads
Multiple CVRT vehicles being available for a single choice, they operate in teams of 2 in real life and are prohibitively expensive in choices outside an armored squadron
TALON drones not being able to shoot 16 dice per turn...
Toned down air assets and selection restrictions to focus the action on the ground, not air-superiority
Amended point-values for many APCs and IFVs (Mostly Strykers, Spartans and LAV's)
Rangers and Force Recon, etc. being modified to Platoon selections. SAS, Delta, KSK, Alfa Group, and the like should be the tiny elite squads

If anyone else is interested in collaborating on this to keep the game alive, let's discuss it!
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Re: BF:E Errata

Postby Rick » Mon Mar 13, 2017 3:57 pm

I agree that the 'One-Shot' rule should be dropped from every man-portable weapon in the game, to be replaced with 'slow' in the case of a reloaded launcher - all Infantry teams carry reloads, with more in their transport vehicle. I can't think of a single case where an entire weapon is discarded after 1 use with no replacement.

I was looking at doing a Bf:Evo Cold (ish) War army list book - alternative 1990's where the USSR is fighting to keep hold of the Warsaw Pact countries, who are being helped by NATO moving east. Little difference in most equipment from the rulebook, little difference in the standard army lists, much more variation and different army lists.
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