Ideas for play and initial talents?

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Ideas for play and initial talents?

Postby JMISBEST » Mon Oct 17, 2016 3:38 pm

Hi guys.

I have entered A 5 player campaign were the starting limit is 880 credits and everyone starts withb2 territories, here is my Judge Cals Retinue and I am facing 1 Judge, 1 East Meg, 1 City Death and 1 Renegade Robots, know that the other 4 have gone for a mix of quality and quantity and the campaigns winner is the last player left when the other 4 have been wiped out.

Here is my starting Judge Cals Retinue, can you please give a 1st-time player who is going up against 4 veterans in their 3rd campaign ideas for my members 1st 2 talents, tips for what to recruit, bear in mind that The GM also lets my Gang permentally recruit Mercenaries, not just Street Judges and overall hints for each force I am/will face

2 Street Judges that both have +1 Shoot and 2 Lawgivers.

Cal with A Energy Field

A Kret with Cleaver, Upgraded to Level 1 Hero and +1 or +0 overall Agility

A SJS Judge with +1 Hit

My territories are, I think these are the names, A City Block Hub and A Meditech Centre

I also have 40 credits left, ideas for a extra bit of equipment for The Kret as a surprise for my 1st foe

Your advise?. Please

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