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Postby JMISBEST » Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:34 am

I have agreed to play in a 4 a side or 2 alliances of 4 forces campaign with 1,000 points a forcebwere you can start with up to half your points if Angels and a quarter for any other gang on allies that cost, only at the start, standard not double cost, me and my foe both control 1 3 strong alliance and I have East Meg Invasion Force, Kretts with GM created corrupt Judges chosen from Cals Retinue and Soviet judges and Angels with Mutant Allies and Deamonic Cabaal Alliance VS my opponents Street Judges, City Death Squad and Mechanismo and both have our individual choice of Robots or Street Punks, but he got drunk my foe got drunk on Saturday The 8/10/2,016 and told me that his Robots are going to be Quantity over Quality his Mechanismo Quality over Quantity and the other 2 a bit of both. Can I please have suggested full starting teams, playing hints, tips and advise, suggested initial Advances and PSI Powers and good Force increasing and improving ideas please

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