Innocent Bystanders

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Innocent Bystanders

Postby n815e » Thu Oct 29, 2015 5:57 pm

I've worked out some house-rules for use with civilian models. These are meant to use for creating "mobile terrain" and not for character-type civilians in your scenarios.
It's wordy, but intuitive.
Let me know what you think.

A Bystander is a single civilian model.
A Crowd is two or more Bystanders that are each within 1" of another Bystander.
Civilians block movement and line of sight as if they were enemy models.


After Initiative is worked out, before any players activate, the civilian models will move.

Roll a D5 and move civilians in the direction that is pointed at by the top of the die (a D10 has two pointy bits, the top will indicate direction as if it were an arrow).
Players choose before the game whether one die will indicate movement for all civilians or if players will roll individually for each Bystander or Crowd.

Bystanders will move individually. Crowds will move together. If a Bystander moves to within 1" of another Bystander then they form a Crowd, or within 1" of a member of a Crowd then the Bystander joins the Crowd.

Use your best judgement when determining how civilians will move when encountering terrain and other models. In the cases of player disputes, roll dice to see who determines how models will move. Remember that fairness and following the spirit of the game is important.


"Fight! Fight!": whenever a model completes a Melee action within 10" of civilian models, the civilians will move 5" towards the model until they are 2" away.

"He's Got a Gun!": whenever a model completes a shoot action within 10" of civilian models, the civilians will move 5" directly away from the model.

"My Crime Isss Life": whenever a Dark Judge completes an action within 10" and LOS of civilian models, the civilians will move 5" directly away from the Dark Judge. This takes precedence over "Fight! Fight!"

Special Rules:

"Just Another Face in the Crowd": If a model begins the turn, before civilians have moved, within 1" of any Bystander that is part of a Crowd, then that model can spend its turn Hiding in the Crowd. It will move as a member of the Crowd and forfeits its actions for this turn. The model is counted as Hiding. Large models (such as Fatties or Demolition Bots) may not hide in this manner unless the Crowd also contains a civilian model of similar size.

"Citizens Disperse": If a Judge model is within 15" of a Crowd and has line of sight to it, the Judge may use a special action to try to Disperse the Crowd. If the Judge passes a Will check, the Crowd will Disperse. Move each individual Bystander model 5" away from the center point of the Crowd. Any models Hiding in the Crowd do not move in this way and no longer count as Hiding.

Attacking Civilians:

Civilian models have Agility of -1, Melee of -1, 1D Melee Dice, Armor of 0 and a single hit.

Bystanders may be attacked in melee or shot at as if they were any other model. Bystanders that have been shot at, or are not locked in melee, will run away as detailed in the "He's Got a Gun" rule above at the conclusion of the action that targets them.

If a model shoots into a Crowd, then randomize which model(s) will get hit. Models Hiding in Crowds are not eligible to be directly targeted by shooting, but may be randomly hit as a member of the Crowd.
"Template" attacks are worked out as normal.

Models may attack one or more civilians in a Crowd by moving into base-to-base contact with them. Models Hiding in Crowds may not be attacked in this way.

After the attack action is over (shooting or melee), the Crowd will Disperse as in the "Citizens Disperse" rule above, excepting models locked in melee.
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