New Miniatures Compatible with Starline 2500 for ACTASF

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Re: New Miniatures Compatible with Starline 2500 for ACTASF

Postby Jean » Fri Aug 03, 2018 7:47 pm

Of particular interest to ACTASF players are the Federation battleship, frigate, and police cutter; Klingon E5 and small freighter (works just like any small freighter, but has a Klingon visual "look"); and Kzinti heavy battlecruiser and light cruiser.

On August 1, 2018, ADB released over 100 new items to its shop on Shapeways, bringing the total items in its shop to over 1,000. This "mad month" let us create more ships for all the empires, including new combs of drones.

The Federation gains its Burke-Class Frigate and mighty Mars-Class Battleship in both the "regular" and "Fed Classic" (smooth body) versions. They add the Police Cutter in both the Masterson and Callaghan styles. They also get their F-111 Heavy Drone Fighter and F-12 Fast Fighter (including ones in the new 285 Scale).

The Klingons get their E5 Battle Corvette, a small freighter, and an auxiliary carrier. They also get their Z-KB Fast Heavy Fighter, including one in the 285 Scale.

The Romulans get their SparrowHawk-F and SparrowHawk-F+ Mauler Cruiser, and Heavy Condor. They also gain their KDR War Cruiser in both smooth and regular versions with belly bird, Romulan insignia, and scallops on the wings.

The Tholians get a huge increase to their fleet with the addition of their Stellar Domination Ship, Pocket Battleship, War Gunboat Tender, Space Control Ship, Heavy War Destroyer, Scout Carrier, Neo-Tholian Frigate, Neo-Tholian Destroyer, Neo-Tholian Dreadnought, Police War Destroyer, Spider-I Fighter, Spider-IVS Heavy Assault Fighter, and Spider-VS Fast Heavy Fighter. All fighters include a version in the new 285 Scale.

The Gorns get their Destroyer-Battlecruiser, Troodon Destroyer-Cruiser, Double-Wing Destroyer, and Brontosaurus Tug (one-pod and two-pod versions). Each of those comes in the regular and refitted versions.

The Kzintis get their Light Cruiser, Heavy Battlecruiser, Tug with two pods, and Medium Scout Cruiser.

The Lyrans and their wayward county of the Lyran Democratic Republic get the Alleycat-E War Destroyer Escort, JagdPanther Multi-Role Light Cruiser, and Running Tiger Fast Cruiser.

The Hydrans get a good number of new ships with the addition of their Gendarme Police Frigate, Trooper New Light Carrier, Cossack Medium Carrier, Scythian Escort Carrier, Cavalier Interdiction Carrier, Antelope Hunter War Destroyer Escort, New Escort Cruiser, Mohawk-V Medium Carrier, and Cheyenne New Heavy Cruiser.

The Seltorians get their massive Heavy Battlecruiser.

Many empires can use the four drones that are released this month: Type-I Anti-Ship, Type-III Multi-Warhead, Type-IV Heavy Anti-Ship, and Type-VI Dogfight drones.

Empires from the Omega Octant continue to have new additions. The Iridani get their Caravel-B; the Vari get their Heavy Frigate; the Souldra get their Destroyer. The Ymatrians are introduced with their Heavy Cruiser and Destroyer.

We are also releasing three new Space Dragons. You can now adopt the Baby Female, Baby Male, and Old Female space dragons.

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