(LW) Alternative Disciplines

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(LW) Alternative Disciplines

Postby Sir Brad » Fri Nov 22, 2013 2:48 pm

Ok starting writing a Game Book for my god-son, I'm aiming for around 300 entries, decided to go with my Bor Mercenary class for the Hero, but doing a review of the Disciplines I immediately realized that when I created the class two of the disciplines where intended for Group Play and where completely useless for a Solo Hero, so I went looking for something to Sub for them for Solo Play. the first was easy giving them a MindShield expy, the 2nd was tougher, I'm trying out a catchall "Wilderness Craft" wile not as good as the Kai Disciplines Hunting, Camouflage and Tracking and their Boarder Ranger equivalents it can try for a bit of all of them, figure in a game book format I can avoid the Rules lawyering that would happen at my gaming table.

with Wilderness Craft am I going too far considering it may be part of an "Alternative Disciplines" side project I'm working on with other LW GM's if it gets found in my drafts folder at one of our "Systems Works" workshops?

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