[CONAN] A Strung Bow

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[CONAN] A Strung Bow

Postby Supplement Four » Wed May 22, 2013 2:12 am

Question, in Conan RPG mechanical terms, what would happen to a bow that has been strung for too long?

Bows are usually kept unstrung, correct? If you go hunting, or you expect trouble, you get ready and string the thing. Maybe knock an arrow without making the pull yet. This is like pulling your steel from the sheath.

But, what would you do, as GM, if the bow were never unstrung?

And, how long is too long for a bow to be strung?
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Re: [CONAN] A Strung Bow

Postby Boneguard » Wed May 22, 2013 11:25 am

Considering the material used for bow in the Conan (and most medieval setting) , they should be unstrung after each shooting session or -in the case of a dungeon delve- at night while camping.

The reason being the material and the problem would be:

1) If the arms are constantly under tension, they could 'set' and thus end up losing power (reduce damage and reduce range)

2) If the arms are under constant tension, this could cause micro-fracture within the whole bow and said fracture would be increased with every use (Increased odds of bow breakage)

3) The string itself -although strong- is not meant to be constantly under tension and it is more likely to stretch (Reduce range and damage) or fray and snap (string breakage)

Modern bow are different and they can be unstrung less frequently.

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