[CONAN] GM Color and Spice

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[CONAN] GM Color and Spice

Postby Supplement Four » Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:21 pm

We all know that good GMs add color and spice to the gaming universe, always describing vivid sights and smells.

Why not share some of those atmosphere boosters among ourselves?

For example, the next time your PC's are going through the pockets of a downed foe, how about the characters finding human teeth in one of the foe's pouches?

Or, let's say a Borderer is leading the party across the foothills of a large mountain range, and quickly (don't bog the game down with this), the Ranger is described as taking strips of meat from an animal kill, wrapping them in cloth, then lining the insides of his boots with it. "The man will wink at you, 'It will be the most tender you've ever had, I'll grant you that!'"

Or, better yet, let the PCs find the meat inside the shoes of a downed foe and let them figure it out!

What can you add? What kind of atmosphere boosters do you have in your tool bag?

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