Various questions about the multiplayer game

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Various questions about the multiplayer game

Postby Toofy » Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:26 am

I was wondering if anyone can answer these questions as the multiplayer game is very vague on a lot of things and things seem to either be missing or not explained clearly.

1. Ice Barbarians and Magic Mistrust discipline, adds their rank to the difficulty of checks to effect them with spells, does this only allow them to become practically immune to discipline checks of spells or does it have any benefit from say, lightning hand?

2. the Bestiary does not have any willpower mentioned for any spellcaster types, how are they supposed to be calculated for times when counterspell comes into play?

3. What sort of spells do NPC spellcasters cast?

4. What is the point of Gunmastery: Accuracy for the Dwarven Gunner of Bor? it seems so worthless to trade a random number for your expertise bonus seeing as 1,2 and 3 are pretty bad numbers to pick.

5. If able to make an extra attack in a round (such as the shield attack one of the knights can make), does the amount of damage he receives from an enemy get ignored?

6. Has there ever been an FAQ of official answers to all these questions that get asked?
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Re: Various questions about the multiplayer game

Postby SnowShadow » Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:59 pm

Here's my two penneth.

1. You could argue Magic Mistrust affects all magic affecting the Ice Barbarian, whether they want it to or not. So the difficulty test of say a Healing Spell, which normally does not require a test, would purely be the Rank as difficulty. A combat spell like Lightning Hand uses the Combat Results Table so you could add the Rank to the Ice Barbarians Combat Skill for purposes of determining the Spell only. A spellcaster can improve their chances of success, for each additional Willpower spent on the test they can add +1 to their roll.

2. NPC Balanced Willpower = 67-(CS+EP) e.g. 15CS 25EP has 27 Willpower. Alternatively pick a Random Number add 20 if the opponent relies strongly on magic, add 15 if they balance magic with other abilities, add 10 if they rarely use their magic powers. Strong individuals should have an additional 10 Willpower or leaders an extra 15 Willpower.

3. Use your imagination and change the names, for example a Freeze or Cloud of Paralysis Spell could have exactly the same effect as Net, a Darkfire spell could be the same as Lightning Hand, Autarch Claw the opposite of Mend, requiring an unarmed roll but as well as inflicting damage has the reverse effect of Mend (e.g. 3 WP = E -6EP and +6EP added to the caster) if the Combat Results Table indicates the caster causes -0EP to the opponent, they have missed and the spell fails.

4. I'd say when you do the re-roll basic Gunnery/Acccuracy permits you can add your Expertise Bonus to the Random Number - you still have to go with it if it is worse than the original but the chances are it'll be higher. {N.B. 'Adding' means moving in the down that number of rows on the CRT moving in the direction from 1 to 0: 9 plus 1, 2 or 3 = 0, for example}

5. Yes a free attack is one sided like firing a ranged weapon - only the skill user/attacker inflicts damage.

6. Not as far as I know, there are bits here and there, seek and ye shall find.
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