Searching for a Kai Weapon thread

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Searching for a Kai Weapon thread

Postby Oiseau » Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:15 am

I'm trying to search for the thread where a forum member invented a new list of Kai Weapons, but the forum search engine refuses to let me search for the word "weapons" even if I put the entire phrase "Kai weapons" in quotes. I don't know why. Is it a banned word because it connotes violence ?

Anyway, does anyone remember the thread, or can anyone repost the Kai Weapon ideas ?
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Re: Searching for a Kai Weapon thread

Postby beowuuf » Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:41 am

You can search with a * for weap* if you want, can only find a strike as one and weapon endurance thread, obviously weapons get mentioned a lot otherwise
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Re: Searching for a Kai Weapon thread

Postby SnowShadow » Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:38 am

Do you mean the Mongoose vs. original equipment thread viewtopic.php?f=14&t=42027 - it's a sticky about two threads above this one. (I didn't start the thread so I couldn't change the name when they turned it into a Sticky, tried to PM the creator to change the name to reflect the content more accurately/it was correct to start with but then became more but they didn't change it). I put in some house rules a couple of years back and were it not for ill health with parents on both sides of the family I would have finished by now. Interestingly several of the ideas, Gauntlets, Baknar Oil, Holy Water to name a few made it into the Multiplayer rules.

What's really funny is that after not doing it for ages only started again on it yesterday! That's Divination. Anyway Kai Weapons are section 5 but I'll paste it here to save you wading through it:

5.Alternative Kai Weapons.

Making New Order Kai Weapons
Alternative Kai Weapons (Ra.No. - Odd use book versions, Even use these).
Pick another Ra.No:
[0.] Gnasher (Axe) +5CS, +6CS vs. Naturally armed foes (Teeth, claws, unarmed, etc. includes Doors).
[1.] Venom (Axe) +5CS, +7CS vs. Swarm Creatures & Vermin - Single or multiple Spiders, Snakes, Rats, etc.
[2.] Ezeran (Axe) +5CS, +8CS vs. Metals - Automatons or Death Knight Armour, etc.
[3.] Loyalty (Sword) +5CS, +6CS when Attacked (i.e. you did not 'choose' to attack).
[4.] Trust (Sword) +5CS, +7CS when Aided - fighting with an Ally or Mounted.
[5.] Heretic (Sword) +5CS, +8CS vs Evil Religious Cultists - Acolytes, Druids, etc.
[6.] Nemesis (Sword) +5CS, +9CS vs Leaders - Rulers and Champions, i.e. not mere Death Knight Sergeants but hundreds of followers or fans... Sadanzo or Dromodon, etc.
[7.] Renegade (Broadsword) +5CS, +6CS when Outnumbered.
[8.] Hammerdal (Broadsword) +5CS, +7CS vs Lawbreakers & Liars, such as Pirates, Bandits, Thieves, etc. A tribute to the Durenese White Knights.
[9.] Amida (Broadsword) +5Cs, +8CS vs Formless foes - Ghosts, Vortexi, Illusions and Gases (including Zhorkaan) and Shapeshifters such as Polymorphed Nadziranim or Deathstalkers.

(Snow Shadow's Kai Weapon is Maesmakai - Winter Sun - Sword +5CS, +8CS in Arctic conditions. Even the palest and weakest light can still bring comfort and guidance.)

+1 extra = Regular event. Something practically guarenteed several times an adventure - Worldwide or Co-inhabitants (On Magnamund or Airbreathers)
+2 extra = Comman event. Something which will usually occur during an adventure - Empire or Race (Lastlands or Humans)
+3 extra = Uncomman event. Something which will occur at least once every few adventures - Kingdom or Culture (Sommerlund or Wizards)
+4 extra = Rare event. Something which will occur few times in a 'series' of adventures (Bks 1-5, 6-12, 13-20 or 21+) - Province or Sect (Fryelund or Brotherhood Wizards)
+5 extra= Unique event. Something which occurs few times in a lifetime of adventures (all the books) - Site or Individual (Kai Monastery or Vonotar)
Lone Wolf House Rules here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=42027

Korlinium Scabbard - think of it as Sommerswerd's Fair Usage Policy.

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Re: Searching for a Kai Weapon thread

Postby Oiseau » Fri Mar 16, 2012 5:07 pm

Yeah, that was probably it. So it was right under my nose all along. Lol. Thanks.

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