Kull DIY project (CC & suggestion welcomed)

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Re: Kull DIY project (CC & suggestion welcomed)

Postby Boneguard » Fri Dec 21, 2012 11:52 pm

Spectator wrote:Sorry if I am coming across as a "downer," I'm not trying to be.
I'd like to see a fan-produced KULL variant for the D20 module.
No problem, that,s why I,m pitching my idea before putting them on paper and why I did reduce him from the original version.

First to answer your 2 questions:
- Natural armor +2 and Damage reduction of 3 (tough hide). So he gets 5DR? Not quite. their hide is pretty tough and they get's a base AC of 12 (10 +2 for natural armour) and Damage reduction of 3

-3 natural attacks FROM / WITH WHAT: They are (1d3 x2 fists; 1d4 bite). Essentially they punch/club and bite.

I figure that way he's tougher, but most weapon can still harm it once hit. And Yes her get 3 attacks but he doesn't have the multiple attack feat for free, forcing a choice here.
Spectator wrote:I'm somewhat leery of having really bad-ass player races to the point where no-one wants to be a human.
Well I understand the concern. Part of it would be mitigated by the fact that they are rare and only found on Atlantis...not a well visited island...furthermore -If I keep him- a disclamer will be added that being more powerful this race is essentially an NPC Template...unless allowed by the GM.

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